Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Working! - Fit Mommy Friday

I am so happy! This week I have lost another 2 1/2 lbs and that brings the total to a bit over 6 pounds! That means I've lost one of my 9 bags of flour. Now I know some of you are saying "What is she talking about 'bags of flour'?" But I was visiting over at Under the Golden Apple Trees and she was comparing how much weight she had to lose to bags of flour and I thought that was brilliant! So I have lost my first bag of flour!! I'm so excited. After last week's not so telling week (and not really losing anything worth mentioning) I have continued my journey in the right direction.

I did do some things much better this week. My goals for last week are as follows and what really happened I've made black.

1. Go for at least walks and then do some cardio work at home 3 times this week.
I accomplished this goal! I went for a walk 2x's around our square (I'll post a picture of this next week maybe) - once with Seanan in his stroller, and then another time with all 3 - the girls rode their bikes the first time around and the second time around Audrie rode and Arianna walked. I also made extra trips up and down our stairs on at least 2 days just for the stair-climbing portion of exercise (good for the gluteus maximus), and I made sure whenever possible that I parked as far out in a parking lot as I could.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day before I have any Coke Zero.
I have tried to increase the water to 32 oz. and I'm being able to accomplish that. I'm taking it little by little.
3. Eat at least 3 vegetables per day.
I have had a bunch of salads this week, maybe not one a day but more then 3. I've also had lots of other veggies with my meals.
4. Consume less then 20 carbs per day.
I think I'm keeping up with carbs. I may be going over 20, but at least the results show I'm still losing so I'm happy with that.

So how are you doing? Are you setting small goals? Are you accomplishing them? If not, maybe you need to make them smaller. The goal is to set a reachable goal - not the end result. This is a tortoise race - slow and steady. All these pounds didn't appear overnight, and they surely won't be coming off that way either. Hope to hear how your journeys are coming. And be sure to head on over to Got Chai? and link up with your Fit Mommy post.


Lorie said...

Great job with the weight loss!!

I finally got moving again and made some of my goals this week.

Keep up the good work - those "bags of flour" will be gone before you know it.

Briana said...

Good job!

I quit dieting and weighing so I won't know anything is happening until my clothes start getting looser. I do feel better and stronger from walking each day for the last three days.

Richele said...

OH WOW! This is just what I am looking for! Thanks for mentioning my post! That is really nice of you. I am going to join in! This week was my first week working out in a long time. I have the work outs complete...drinking water done...but carbs..i've been watching but not counting. I am eating more of a veggie diet, so my carbs maybe over 20.

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