Friday, July 2, 2010

Not as Fit as I'd Like - Fit Mommy Friday Week 3

After such a great week last week, I was kind of expecting this week to be not so good. And I was right. No more pounds lost, but I didn't gain any either - so I'll take that. Hopefully all the exercise I've been doing will help me keep the pounds coming off.

Last week I put in black the reality of what I accomplished compared to the goals I stated. I will do the same this week so that it'll be easier to distinguish.

1. Go for at least 2 long bike rides, walk as much as possible and then do some cardio work at home 3 times this week.
This week I was able to get some good exercise in. Stephen and I (with Seanan in a little bike carrying contraption) went for a long bike ride last Saturday. Then on Tuesday I did the workout of the week that my husband posted on his blog. You can check that out here. I had planned on doing his workout Tuesday and Thursday, but yesterday (which was Thursday)I was feeling worse and I was sore from Tuesday's workout. I plan on doing it at least one more time - tomorrow. I also parked further out that normal and did lots of intentional walking. One night while incorporating our nature study for the week we took a walk around our square (our neighborhood is very small.) So I've increased my exercise, but there is always room for improvement there.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day before I have any Coke Zero.
With the goal of drinking 8 glasses of water I've been a bit slack. I can accomplish usually 32 oz (4 glasses) and then I slack off. I'm not a huge drinker so to force drinking is hard for me. The other thing is that I got a touch sick this week and my throat has been very sore all week so I've drunk more hot liquids because when I drink water it leaves my throat feeling dry. Don't know why, but it does. My summer cold seems to be going away ... slowly, but steadily.

3. Eat at least 3 vegetables per day.
I can't quite remember if I've had 3 per day, but I do know I've had many more veggies then starches.

4. Consume less then 20 carbs per day.
I may have gone over my carb goal for the week, but if I did I was still keeping the carbs to less then 30 or so. Many vegetables have carbohydrates and those are the types of carbs you want to be eating, so that is okay for me.
Hopefully this next week I will be able to see more pounds lost or inches - that will be a good encouragement on my part. I really miss some of my favorites (like chips and ice cream) but I know that I am doing this not only for me, but also as an example to my children. And that is where my blessings will lie.

Let me know how your week has been. And be sure to link up your Fit Mommy Friday at Got Chai?


Michelle Smith said...

Chips and ice cream are my 2 year old's favorite foods, too. Oh, and my dad's! ;)

It sounds like you are doing very well, and you are right. It is good to set a good example for our children.

~ Denise ~ said...

Wow, that workout looks intimidating! I'd be pretty sore the next day, too! :) It sounds to me like you've got some excellent goals in place and are working diligently toward achieving them. I think you'll see some major rewards on the scale and in your measurements very soon! ;) Keep it up!!!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

It looks like you've set up some realistic, solid goals for yourself. Keep up the good work.

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