Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden and Rain

This Nature Tuesday I was missing one thing ... pictures! So I worked hard all day thinking of something I haven't seen or written about. And then it hit me ... my garden!

So I have a two part garden. What that means is because we have little room, I started a mini garden off of our deck. We grow mostly herbs up here, but you can check out what it looks like.
Then as I was out taking a picture I noticed this bee who was intent on getting some nectar from the dill (that has bolted.)

Now onto the 2nd part of the garden. We decided we would try to use pine straw bales. When it rains here (which lately has been every day) it becomes more like a little lake on the side and back of our house. So the bales will allow the plants plenty of breathing room and they won't get over watered. Seems to be working well and soon I hope to have tomatoes, squash, eggplant, pepper, and watermelon (I know I don't like it at all, but the girls love it so I figured it would be okay.)

Then it was time to go get my husband from work. And on the way it began to start rumbling. I saw two very beautiful pictures. One clear and happy sky, the other not so much. I called the other one angry sky and Arianna pointed out it was mad.

So what have your skies been looking like. Be sure and go over to Peace Creek on the Prairie and link up your Nature Study Tuesday. See you all next week.

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