Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Are You Reading?

While walking through blogs and checking on some of the new people I am running into on the TOS Blog Cruise, I came across an interesting topic. I was reading Reviews and Reflections and it mentioned something called "What My Child is Reading." That post got me thinking .. I could post what are family was currently reading and let you all know a little bit more about our family.

For starters, Arianna (my 6 1/2 y, 1st grader) just finished reading Little House on the Prairie. I was astounded that she took to the book so well. She had been reading about 1 chapter per day for about a month or so. Then her Savtah (her grandmother, my mother-in-law) gave her a book that she had read when she was a little girl called B is for Betsy. It was originally published in the 1960's and Ari only has about 2 chapters left with that one.

Audrie "reads" lots of books ... well mostly she listens as we read and then she looks through the books, magazines, or articles at the pictures. Her favorite go-to book right now is her brother's Bible - Read With Me Bible by Zondervan.

Seanan has his favorite too. He absolutely loves Are You My Mother? by P.D.Eastman (a/k/a Dr. Seuss.) He picks it up several times a day and then hands it to you to read. Sometimes he'll even sit in your lap, but if you don't read fast enough he goes and changes the page.

My current read is new. I actually haven't started reading it because I won a book by Karen Kingsbury, but after looking at it I realized it was the 3rd in a series. So I waited ... then we went to Barnes and Noble the other day and I finally picked up the 1st in the series called One Tuesday Morning. I'm a bit finicky when it comes to authors. I haven't read much other than John Grisham and Bodie and Brock Theone.

Now before I end, I will let you in on something ... my husband reads some interesting things. His current "fun-reads" are Game Theory - A Very Short Introduction and Luther, Man Between God and the Devil. How's that for relaxing reading?

Oh, I almost forgot! We also have a family reading book - The Secret Garden. The girls love this book and it's almost time for me to go read so I better wrap this up.

Well, I'd love to hear about your current reads too. Oh and be sure and stop by here and put your name on the list too.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I was thinking of posting a reading list this week!

And my children also love Are you my mother? by P.D. Eastman. In fact, I read it to them tonight before bed. Along with Jasper's choice book for the night, a classic - Goodnight Moon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention. When you and the family come visit our husbands can talk game theory - Thomas took 2 classes as part of his PhD and I think would have taken 10 if more were offered.

Kelly said...

That is too funny! You should check them out - I think you can add their button and then you have an automatic "post" each week - like a meme (at least that's what I think I'm doing).

TerriG said...

Hey: I tried to read How to Read a Book recently. It became due at the library, but I plan on retrying now that my life is slower. I did this meme also, I'm stopping in from the crew.

Heidi said...

Great list! :) Glad you played along this week. It's fun to see what other families are reading.

Kelly said...

Thanks Heidi for inviting us. I plan on doing this weekly. It will help me to keep up my reading (which I love to do, but most times forfeit) and keep up the family story time too.

Guiding Light said...

Love this...might have to play along too! Great site as well!!

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