Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Activities

Okay, so what do you do with two lovely girls who do not have much to do ... find them something to do!  That's what I have done.  Last week the girls attended VBS at a local church.  Their theme -- Galactic Blast!  And a blast they did have.  The whole family was able to come for free dinner (the VBS was from 6:15 - 8:30) and then the girls went to their classes.

So today started their week at Music Camp. It's from 9a-12p and they will be participating in a music performance on Sunday afternoon.  The musical is based on Elijah (which we recently learned was the fiery prophet - look at the ways God has built in repetition!)

Then in July,we will be taking a trip to visit my bestest friend (who I haven't seen in at least 2 years) and her family, but that is toward the end of the month.  Before that the girls will be attending another VBS, this time in the morning (again from 9a - 12p) and the theme is Joseph in Egypt.

Immediately following our return trip from FL (that's where my bestest friend lives), the girls may be attending a Concoctions Camp where they will be making their own snacks, and messy stuff including (but not limited to) play dough, sidewalk chalk, and bathtub paints.  Sounds like fun!

And to top the summer off, we will be finishing our history (mommy read the intentions of how many lessons per week incorrectly), and our Latin (and Ari is going to be 'teaching dad from the beginning so he can be caught up'), sporadically do some math to keep skills up, submersing ourselves in our new found love of nature study, and sprinkle in some unit studies (homemade and Download N Go's).

So what are your plans?  Schooling year round, going to exotic vacation destinations (or just any destination)?  I'd love to hear your plans!

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