Friday, June 25, 2010

A Good Week with Fit Mommy - Week 2

Last week I began to follow a new meme - Fit Mommy Friday. Last week I posted my first Fit Mommy Friday. So today is my first weigh-in! I was anticipating this day all week, somewhat hesitantly at times, but somewhat excitedly. I was very pleased this morning when I weighed and had lost 4 whole pounds! That is awesome for me. My usually weight loss is 2 lbs per week so 4 is double and for that I am quite happy about.

My goals last week were not fully realized so I will place them here and in red write what actually happened.

My goals for this upcoming week are:

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day before I have any Coke Zero. This happened on most days, however some days I didn't drink my full 8 glasses.

2. Eat at least 3 vegetables per day. I think I met this goal on only 3 days. Most days I did eat a salad and I stayed away from unhealthy snacks, which made me proud.

3. Walk at least 15 minutes per day. Okay for this one I did not do well at all. As a family we did go for a bike ride one afternoon to see the gooselings, and a couple of times my husband and I would go walk around at Wal-Mart, but it's been super hot outside so to walk to the car you are already sweating.

4. Consume less then 20 carbs per day. I am pretty sure I stuck to this one. And it shows with the 4lbs lost (not physically yet, but soon.)

So all in all I think I did well. My plans now for this week are to continue the water goal, eat more veggies, keep to the 20 carbs per day. For exercise I plan to go for at least 2 long bike rides, walk as much as possible - even if it means to park at the furthest spot in a parking lot, and then do some cardio work at home 3 times this week.

I would love to hear how your weeks went. And if you want to join in on Fit Mommy Friday be sure to go check in at Got Chai? and link up. See you next week!


Lorie said...

Well done! Way to go on the weight loss.

I hope to get back on track with my Fit Mommy goals next week.

Sherri said...

wow 4lbs is great!

Maybe you would be encouraged to eat more veggies if you stocked your fridge full with produce that would go bad if you didn't eat it?? maybe??

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