Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Well the last few days have been a whirlwind of fun and sun. This past Saturday we went to IOP (a/k/a Isle of Palms) with our church for what they call "journey Day Out" which is in actuality a day of fun and relaxation with friends from church. They had decided to do this one at the beach and it was great. Well once we got there it was great. We did have an issue of parking, but after we were parked all was once again well with the world. In the years we have lived here things have changed... which is to be expected, but most things have just made simple beach trips into crowded and unfun excursions. The only unfortunate thing from the afternoon was that I got a little toasty. Somehow when my sunscreen was applied some areas were missed (shoulders and on my back at the very edge of the swim suit) so later on that night I was in a bit of pain.

Then on Sunday our church had a meeting called "NEXT" where we introduce new people to the many things our church offered. One of the ladies in the church was preparing all the food for the event and asked me to do the cake. So I prepared a simple square cake covered in white marshmallow fondant and the word NEXT written in the same font. Then we did additional cupcakes, iced with red buttercream and placed white arrows on them. When I assembled them on the table I just put them out randomly so the arrows were pointing in all directions. Everyone seemed to love them because by the end of church that evening I think they had all been eaten. I'll try and add some pictures later this week.

Also on Sunday my mother-in-law's church was having a cookout which we were invited to and the girls had gone earlier to the service so that they could hang out at the pool. Stephen, Seanan and I came close to the end of service due to our meeting at our church and then had to leave from their service to get back to the church for Stephen to help run sound for our evening service (we only have an evening service at 5p.)

I love the summertime just for these reasons. Fun in the Sun! I hope the rest of the summer is just as fun as this past weekend, with lots of family time, rest and relaxation.

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Becky said...

sounds like everyone had fun sis!!!...

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