Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Beginning of our Nature Study

A few weeks ago I began researching on the Internet and came across a wonderful site. It is called The Handbook of Nature Study. I have been trying to incorporate nature study for a while, but really did not know how to start. Well this website has given me the necessary tools to use. One of the reasons that my interest in nature study has resurfaced was due to my girls new interest in birds.

Outside our front window we have a bird feeder. Recently both my girls have become highly interested in watching the birds, wanting to draw them and know what type of bird it was. So between this new interest of theirs and running across the website, I decided to take the plunge into doing a formal yet non-formal nature study and incorporate it into our homeschool day.

So about 2 weeks ago or so I began looking at the challenges listed on the site. She had encouraged us to follow the first 10 challenges before following along their current weekly schedule so I went back to Challenge #1 and started there. Since we have been interested in nature and had been doing some of the ideas without knowing it I've been able to jump in and do them a little quicker then one a week. One of the reasons I am doing that is because around June 18th she will begin her Summer Challenge and I was trying to "catch up" before then so we could "go along with the crowd."

So I will be posting our Nature Study of the week once Summer begins. Up until then I will be working our way through the first 10 challenges. We completed Challenge #3 today and tomorrow I will introduce Challenge #4. If this interests you or your children show an interest in birds, flowers, trees or anything of nature, check this site out. Even if you don't have children and aren't homeschooling you still may find this to be your type of hobby. You too can become a naturalist.

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Pebblekeeper said...

We have had so much fun going with Barb on the studies! I started the winter at a pick and choose rate, then challenged myself to stay on track for Spring and now have it as a weekly habit. Having her pick what to study takes alot of the decision off of me. :) We are um sort of looking forward to the Mosquito on Friday. Sort of. :) How hard is it to learn how to swat at them? Should be a short lesson. :)
Welcome to the crew! Glad you posted your blog!

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