Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Finished Product, Part 2

OK, so we arrived and finally found the correct parking area and all the cakes were in tact. We started our trek to the boat - which was very, very windy. At one point I actually thought I was going to have the bottom layer flip up into my face. Then it hit me ... we were going to a boat, which is on water. For anyone who knows me might know I used to have a HUGE (and I do mean quite HUGE) fear of bridges, and that I do not do well on boats. We had to walk down a metal pier and then on this creaky smaller metal pier and then on the wooden pier (which Stephen assured me that they were attached and not just loosey-goosey) and then on this ramp up into the boat. That was quite a feat in and of itself.

Once we arrived the boat lady (who I'm just calling the boat lady since I am not sure of her actual title) informed us that the cake was supposed to be going on the top level. But once we told her it was 3 tiers, one of which was to be sitting on pillars about 4" high, and because of the choppy water and how cold it was, she decided it would be best for all to move the cake to the bottom level. It made sense since dinner was going to be served down there anyway. So they had to move the cake table downstairs. In the meantime, I was beginning to feel seasick. Stephen had left after the decision was made to move the cake so he could retrieve the rest of the items we left in the car. By time he came back I had started unpacking my supplies. We then put the first two layers together. Together we decided it would be best (although I still think having the third tier suspended by pillars would have looked better as a cake) to put the third layer next to the other cakes. That way we did not have to worry about the very heavily swaying boat on choppy water tipping the whole layer. The top cake (the circle one) was made especially for those allergic to chocolate.

So we then had to "hide" the flaws between the two layers that were on top of each other. We did this by adding fondant balls in all three colors to surround the layer. We also dusted the white ones in silver dust to help make them shimmer.

In the end I think we produced a pretty darn good-looking cake, if I do say so myself. Stephen said it looked good too, but he helped make it and he's a bit biased - he is my husband. :) So here are the remaining pictures of the finished product. I also ended up helping "decorate" the table with the feathers, gold sequins, black silk fabric, and the silver toile.

All in all this was a very fun adventure. I did learn many things and hope to be able to put those ideas to work when and if I get another gig. It was fun! (and paid pretty well too)


Sherri said...

Love the cake! You did an incredible job!Maybe next time you won't be asked to make a black one... that is just too weird.
And yes, I'm very surprised you even walked on that boat.

Becky said...

boats and bridges...i was wondering that myself when you first told me where it was going to be...haha...but either way you did a great job...and it looks very professional...absolutely love it!!!...

Lisa said...

Very nice for your first paid job, the cake looks wonderful. I have never had to deliver a cake on a boat! Scary!

Kelly said...

It was scary, especially since I am very "not cool" with bridges and boats.

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