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LIVE Computer Coding with CodeWizardsHQ ~ A New TOS Review!

Over the last year my eldest (now 14.5) has shown more and more interest in coding and I was overjoyed to have her a part of a LIVE and online coding class just last week from CodeWizardsHQ! Not only are their classes attended by a LIVE instructor who guides the class, they also have a homeschool computer programing classes for 5th - 12th grades.

So what is coding? Well it's the language of computers ... and probably the future of most careers. CodeWizardsHQ has created courses that are relevant and teaches students in an online classroom with the instruction being led by a teacher who is there in each weekly class where students will build a foundation in programming through hands-on games. Everyone will start in the Wizard 1 level learning the Introduction to Programming, HTML/CSS, and then onto JavaScript.  The student will progress through each 12 week course and then receive a certification at the end showing the completion of the material, which will be mailed to you.

The typical class sizes is 6 to 8 students. All you need is a computer with a microphone and speaker (or a headset/headphones) and a browser like Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or IE, and of course a good Internet connection. You will need an actual computer or laptop - tablets are not supported through their system. And if you will need a quiet place in the home to attend the class so that the background noises don't drown out the class. There is no need for special software since the students will learn to write code in their browser. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if your child does not thoroughly enjoy the program.

Here's a short video that shows you what to expect in their programs.

When we were chosen for this review we were given some times and dates to choose from and we chose one that worked in our schedule. We then received an email with the class details with the name of her teacher and directions on how to log in, a note with the system and audio requirements, and a link to "test session" to try in advance to make sure everything 'worked.' We used a Chromebook with headphones and had no issues.

This was the Dashboard when she logged in.
The class was lead by Miss Lynn. We were advised to sign on about 10 minutes before the class and that gave time for the instructor to talk to each of the students and ask a little bit about them and their coding experience. The class started pretty promptly and lasted the entire hour.
Start of the comic. On the right is the 'chat' area and the mic you can turn on and off.
I sat and watched while Arianna took her class and she seemed to have fun. When she had an issue she turned her mic on and then asked her question and Miss Lynn helped her figure out what she needed to do. Lynn was able to see exactly where she was on her code and what she needed to do to get 'caught' back up. Here are some pictures and screenshots that I took while she was taking the class.
Coding screen
Listening to the instructor
Laughing at the graphic choice.

Finished comic!
Instructor Lynn started off by telling them a little about coding and that they would be getting an introduction to HTML. Then they started on their coding project which was making a comic strip. Here are some thoughts from Arianna:
The class was easy to understand. I had a little trouble, but Miss Lynn helped me fix it and my comic turned out really cool looking. I think the class was very enjoyable and it helped me understand more about coding. I think this program would be really helpful in today's world especially if you were thinking about a career that used code. I had fun and I hope everyone else in my class did too. Thank you Miss Lynn for helping me."
The "back part" of coding. 
 CodeWizardsHQ is a program for any student, young or old, but they have a great offer for homeschoolers where you have the flexibility to pick the time and day of class and a declining per student cost up to 8 students in the class. And if you miss your homeschool coding class they are recorded and can be viewed at any time since you do have access 24/7.
I also urge you to read the reviews below to see how others felt about the program by just clicking the banner. I'd love to hear from you if you think coding is the wave of the future.  You can also find CodeWizardsHQ on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. They even have a Facebook Group for parents who have students interested in coding where they share tips and resources.

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ Reviews}

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