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Kids Email That's Safe ~ A New TOS Review!!

My children, especially my older two girls, had been asking about getting their own emails for a little while now. So when we had the chance to be on this review where they could all get their very own kids email account AND now they have a one year subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids! They have REALLY enjoyed it and I'll let them tell you why in a little bit. BUT first, let me tell you a little bit about the system and why it is different than just any old email account.

The BIGGEST thing about Kids Email is that it allows for tons of parental and safety controls. Here are just a few that I was really pleased I could utilize.

  • You can monitor both incoming and outgoing mail for all children.
  • There are time restrictions you can place for each account separately.
  • You can make custom mail folders to separate and log emails.
  • Customizing your email background.
  • Filtering for spam and offensive content.
  • Removal of links and images.
  • Activity logs.

There are a TON more controls and such, but these were the ones I was very happy about seeing and using!

Another great thing is that you can use this on most everything that supports Apple or Android, even Kindle devices. Hubby is still in process of putting it on the girls Fire's, but I'm sure they will enjoy that more then having to ask to see their email on our computer.

It's been fun seeing my children's reactions to whether they have an email or not. And they've been able to be pen pals with other kids on the Homeschool Review Crew, which they have LOVED! They've also been able to email family members and tell them about their school days during the week.

They couldn't wait to get all set up and ready to get emails. I did put restrictions on their emails so they wouldn't be checking it too early, too late, or when school should be getting done. I also took out the entire day for Sundays so we could focus on the rest that day should hold for us all.
They tried to login when they weren't allowed.
There's also an older version that shortens the email address to so that teens can use it without feeling like they are little kids. But they still can have the same safety features. You can try Kids Email Safe Email for Kids for free for 30 days or choose a monthly or yearly option.

Arianna's Thoughts:
This email is different in that it has parental controls. So everything I sent or received my parents also saw. That means nothing bad can get to me (like inappropriate text or pictures). You get to choose your own background and design your inbox while making folders for your emails.  I also was able to check into a "teen login" page that is called kmail instead of Kids Email which made it 'look better'. There was also a cool way to attach drawings you could make and send with your emails.
During the review I had pen pals from other kids my age on the Review Crew. I found it fun to talk with others my age then just sending emails to my parents and siblings. I was also able to have my Bible App email me the verse of the day and I can click on the reading plans and such. I can't wait until my dad is able to get this on my Fire so I can use it without having to borrow one of my parent's computers. I've also been able to use the email to type up school assignments and send them to my parents. That was cool! So you should check it out!

Audrie's Thoughts:
I was very excited when I found out that I would be getting my own email account. It has been fun to have people I can talk to that I've never met - my email pen pals. Some lived SO FAR away, but we could talk every couple of days. I was able to change the size of the letters you write in  -- I made mine bigger. And you can make it write in different styles of handwriting. You can also change the color of your typing! That was fun. I was able to pick my own background (I choose horses because I love them.) I may change mine again sometime ... there's this computer one that looks cool.
See the horses?
You can even send photos to your friends and family. And I think if we end up moving for our church plant I can still be able to talk to my grandparents and cousins and friends that I have here even though I won't be so close. It's been really cool! My mom and dad also see every email I get or send out. They also set up times when I can actually use the email or not. So there are times I am not allowed to check or write emails. But they can be changed and each of us have different times that goes with our schedule. I know I will be sharing this program with my friends ... then we can write more to each other and still be safe.

Seanan's Thoughts:
I like having an email. My mom asked if I wanted a pen pal. I didn't know what that was. But now I do. A pen pal is somebody you make friends with by writing letters, but you may never meet them in person. On Kids Email you write to your friends or pen pals or family members. When you open it up I was able to change the background to one of the choices. I chose race cars at first. After I read my email I hit reply to write answers. I change the font and the letter size since it seems so small.
A new message!
Sometimes I even change the color. One of my pen pals sent me an attachment (a picture) of a 3D X-Wing. You can attach pictures and drawings and videos with your emails. That is so cool! I think this is a safe way for me to have an email and I will tell my friends. I like that mom and dad see the emails going in and out. That way if anyone sends a weird question or something they can know about it.

I know you will want to check Kids Email out so be sure and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. And be sure to check out what all the other Crew members thought about Kids Email Safe Email for Kids by clicking the link below!

Safe Email for Kids {Kids Email Reviews}

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