Monday, June 12, 2017

Next Steps

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Most of the area is either un-churched, or non-evangelical.  Our biggest concern is with jobs and finances.  Our goal is for the core team/staff to be bi-vocational and not a burden on the church members.  We desire the majority of the church budget to be used on community service and outreach. So with that as one of our main goals the closest example of the model of the church will be from the home churches described in Acts.

We've been reading the book Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordiero and his descriptions of how to study Scripture and to come alongside those you are wanting to mentor and bring closer to Christ have really resonated with us, so much so that we have begun to deeply ponder how this will look once we have reached our mission field in Evansville.

We have also researched some of the biggest needs in the area and some of those include the issue of homelessness and obesity. We are trying to start now thinking and planning how we can reach these needs and spread the Gospel in every day life.

My wife and I have been helping my grandmother over the last 6 to 8 months doing some of what we call her "bread ministry". She actually works with her church here locally and picks up food donations from several grocery and other food stores and then brings it back to the church to be stored until their weekly event where they open up the doors for all those in need. We are hoping to use our connections with some of these same companies to help get our foot in the door and create a similar program. We've also discussed maybe a weekly potluck dinner made from the foods that were donated from these companies.

Right now we would also like prayer for the Lord to clearly show us our path including the job or career path that we should pursue. I've had several job interviews and even follow-up interviews and one in person and as of yet we have not gotten a position with any of them. We are also wanting to build a prayer and financial support team of those who want to help us reach the people of Evansville as we go as the hands and feet of Jesus and become missionaries where we live, play, and work.  If you would like more information on how you can pray for us or how you can financially support us, please email us.

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