Monday, January 23, 2017

An Unexpected Surprise

For what I feel like has been an eternity, but probably between a year and a year and a half I have been without something that I truly cherish ... my wedding ring set.

As you know, over time rings get worn. Apparently mine was well worn. Even to the point that one of my jewels fell out  -- lost forever. So I decided to take it off for 2 reasons - I didn't want to lose any more of the jewels and secondly I thought we'd be able to get it fixed soon.  Well, I was wrong about #2.

In the meantime, my dear husband DID get me a replacement ring of sorts, but after just a few weeks that one was so abused all the jewels were off of it and it looked pretty funny with half of the stones missing. So then I searched through my collection and found a suitable replacement, the Claddagh ring - an Irish wedding band,  I've had for years. Nothing fancy or showy, but I just couldn't keep going on and off with nothing on my finger. It just didn't feel right.
So earlier this month, after all the Christmas hub bub we were out and about as a family running some errands. My husband announced that he needed to stop by somewhere, but that to save time just to drop him off and I run up the road to do my quick errand and he'd text when he was done. He did so, just as I was finishing and so I headed back to pick him up ... at the CVS where I had dropped him about 15 minutes before.  Then as I pull in he waves me to park and stop. Then he proceeded to wave his arm at me urging me to come out of the van because he had a question to ask me.  Now I was a little irked ... mainly because we had errands to get done and we were wasting time. So I parked and then I opened my van door and stepped out to notice my sweet husband on his knee asking me to marry him again. 

Of course I said yes, but the more fun part to this story is that all 3 of our children were in the van watching him and started to ooh and aah and asking us to kiss.  It was a cute and loving moment and a great start to this year. But I am SO HAPPY to have it back on ... like all the time. However, I did promise him that I would be more gentle and hope that it lasts more then the 14/15 years it did the first time. 

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