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Can Math be Simplified? YES - A New TOS Review!!

Math is always one of those subjects you just are always working on. So wouldn't it be awesome to be able to teach your children from a very young age that they could know their addition facts as fast as we know our multiplication facts? We all stress how knowing our multiplication facts is important, but addition facts?  Well, the next review product does just that (as well as helping get the multiplication facts learned quickly.)
The Product:
Math Made Easy is the name of the curriculum.  They have both an Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy and Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy curriculum as well as the Home School Packages for both.  The workbooks were created to help young children master just those skills. You can use the Addition for K-2nd and the Multiplication for 3rd - 4th (but could be used with 5th and 6th graders who need to get their facts quicker) and both could be used with special needs kids of various ages.

The Home School package is what we received and you can get it for just $24.95 in either Addition or Multiplication.  The package comes with a  65 page comb bound book that includes lesson plans, instructions on how to use the program, a pre-test (to see where your child is and what skills they are lacking) games, flash cards, and a post-test.

One of their main philosophies is that we need to 'get rid' of certain 'easy' facts like the +0 and +1 facts.  That will reduce the number of facts that need to be learned to 36.  They also teach the Commutative Property law which states that it doesn't matter which way the numerals are listed (6+8 or 8+6) the sum will always be the same (14.)

Once you realize those two ideas, you only have 36 math problems to work on which can be divided easily by 6 giving you 6 weeks to work on 6 different facts per week. Easy Peasy!  And they are worked on in a random order so that the child can't memorize facts in order which helps them REALLY learn the problem.

Our Experience:
I know that Arianna still struggles from time to time on her addition facts and she's still working on her multiplication facts, but she's had a lot of math reviews that we've worked on this year.  And I thought this would be PERFECT for Audrie.  The lessons are shorter which helps with her creative energies so she can work on it and be done quickly. The lessons also include different activities from matching to coloring; another help for a kinesthetic learner like her.

We got started right away testing the product.  Audrie loved how short the lessons were (which I already knew would be a plus for her) and that each day she was able to do something different - coloring, cutting, matching, etc.  But each day only focused on 6 facts. And each day in that week focused on those same 6 facts.  Each day's lesson has the day to use it on the top so she was able to find which page she was on easily.

Since all the pages are reproducible within the family, I would copy one week's worth of pages for her at a time. You could also laminate them or put them in clear liners and use dry erase markers instead, but I like having the "written proof" at the end of the day/week. ;)

One of the goals of the program is to have the child be able to answer the math fact within 8 seconds without helps (counting on fingers, or in the head, etc.).  After the first week, I can say that I believe Audrie has really memorized the facts that we had worked on.  I have a video that I took of her, but my Tablet says it's too large to transfer and I tried to video the video with my phone and it's still sending so I'll add (pun intended) the video as soon as I figure out my technical issues or get my IT department (hubby) to work on it. ;)  So until then you will have to take my word, she's really getting it!

She also has really enjoyed the games that are included.  There's one that is a clothespin game where you attach the sums (written on bows) to the braids (addition facts) of a girl's head.  There is some assembly required with the games, but they can be played through out the week and help increase the speed and knowledge that the student has.  There is also an ice cream with spinner game and one or two other games as well as the BIG flash cards that we also review each day.  Audrie is usually done with her math in about 15-20 minutes and really has a blast with it.
My Thoughts:
I have really enjoyed Math Made Easy - Addition and so has Audrie.  I know that we will be sticking with the program and might even order the Multiplication one for both of the girls.  That fact that they are reproducible makes the price of $24.95 a little easier, but I could see that if you only had one child how that might be a stretch for some budgets.  I know I will be using this for Seanan when he gets a little older and ready to do math.

I do see a need for Subtraction and Division as well, so I'm hoping that those are in the works.  I know that personally those are the areas as an adult that I am slower at so building the skills in those two areas would have a life-altering effect.  All in all I was pleased with what the program claimed and the results we have seen.

As always please take some time and read other reviews from my Crew members by clicking the banner below.  Let's work on getting those facts learned together through Math Made Easy!


*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2011-2012 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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