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Boosting Learning with Videos - A New TOS Review!!

Have you ever wanted to include more videos into your Homeschool, but don't know where to start?  And from a homeschooling perspective you want the videos to include more educational resources, not just be a fun video on the subject.  Well, we've had the opportunity to review a company that is doing just that.
The Product:
Zane Education has the "missing piece" with their step away from the norm that provides subtitles and closed-captioning to over a thousand online educational videos covering more then 260 topic areas.  They say they own the "largest, and most comprehensive fully subtitled online educational video library."  Plus they also have  compiled the videos so that the meet the educational requirements for K - 12 and National State Standards.  This is a revolutionary idea allowing children to study their subjects while improving their reading and literacy skills at the same time!

Take a minute and watch this video which will tell you a little more about the how subtitles are an essential part of the learning process.

Each of the 260 plus topics also come with lesson plans, online quizzes, a study center, study tools, and a reasonable price. See the chart below on all the benefits of this program:

  • Reduces lesson preparation time and stress
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Produces better learning outcomes
  • Greatly reduces cost of home education
  • Family subscription includes all children
  • No hidden or extra costs
  • Available online at any time 24/7
  • Makes learning fun and more interesting
  • Provides for different learning styles
  • Stimulates child's interest in learning
  • Students study each topic effectively
  • Improves reading & literacy skills as they study
  • Enables each child to study at their own speed
  • Helps develop independent learning

The following subjects are included in Zane's curriculum:
  • Science & Biology
  • History & Geography (Social Studies)
  • English (both Literature & Writing)
  • Math
  • Art
  • Music
  • Religious Studies
  • Health
  • Library Skills
  • Social Sciences
So as you can see - this is a FULL curriculum! There are 4 membership options including a FREE Basic Membership or a Premium membership - Bronze (access to all topics in a particular subject for - $98.89 per year or $8.99 per month), Silver (Full Access for a particular age/grade for $142.89 per year or $12.99 per month, and Gold ($197.89 per year or $17.99 per month - this is the best value for FULL ACCESS to all videos.) The best option is the annual subscription where you pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free! They also have what they call a Topic Taster membership which gives you a 30 day access to one topic for just $5.
You can also check out some PDF's they have made available like the Getting Started Guide, the Video Catalog, a Math Video Catalog, as well as a Homeschool Guide,and even a Christian Homeschool Guide just to name a few.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can see all the guides including ones for ESL and Special Needs.
Our Experience:
One of the first days I had all 3 children sit down and watch a video on the subject of music (a subject that I would love to have more time to do each day, but it comes less often then that most weeks.)  Seanan got a little wiggly, but still watched - although the girls thought he was a distraction.  And I thought initially, Audrie would be able to watch and answer a few questions from the quizzes, but as we progressed most of the videos and their topics were a little tougher for her, especially since she is still learning to read.
Arianna on the other hand was able to comprehend the subject matter, answer the quiz questions, and follow along with the captioning under the pictures.  When I asked her if she liked reading the words while listening, she told me that it was "a bit distracting.  I have to choose to watch the videos and the changing pictures or read the words.  I like the pictures so I focus on that more."  That is just like her. ;) She loves to read, but when given the option she would rather watch and she has pretty good reading comprehension already.  However, I think in reality she is reading the words more then she thinks.  I came to my conclusion about that due to her ability at answering the questions on the quizzes.

We did a video yesterday from the Biology section on classifications.  She watched seven short videos - all less then 3 minutes - and then answered a 20 question quiz.  She missed some questions, because she did not go back and review which answer was marked, but I was very proud of her efforts.  I know that this will come in very useful throughout the year to add to our main curriculum.  
My Thoughts:
I also like that once the videos are viewed and the quiz has been taken a little star becomes colored so you know which ones you have done already.  I also like that you can pick and choose which videos you want to do first and the order in which you view them.  That way you can mold it to your homeschool day.

Another great aspect of this program is that you can pick from certain grade areas to be sure that the videos are concurrent with your child's age/grade/level.  You can choose from Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and even Adult!  You can also see a list of subject areas and choose your videos that way.  The catalog I mentioned earlier is a great way to see ALL the offerings of  Zane Education and you can keep track in a printed form if you'd like.
There is one thing I will mention is that there is a lot of evolutionary and humanistic views and concepts within the videos.  That is one reason they designed the Christian Homeschool Guide as a resource to using Zane if you come from a Creation Science vantage point.
There is one EXTRA for my readers!! You can get a 35% discount on any annual 12 month subscription for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership until August 31, 2012
35% Promotional Code -- ZE528HSM
The code is case sensitive so be sure you watch what you write once you get your product in the cart.  And leave me a comment letting me know which subscription you chose.  

You can reach  Zane Education by phone (850-488-8204) or by email.  You can follow them on Facebook or on their News Blog too. Make sure you click the link below and check out what some other Crew members thought of  Zane Education!

*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2011-2012 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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