Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hair Cut Day

This week was 'hair cutting' week.  Both my husband and son needed haircuts as well as the girls.  I have given up on cutting the girls hair.  So I had made appointments for the beginning of the week.  Instead of our normal of all going there together I wanted to let them have the experience of a "spa" like day. ;)

So Audrie had her turn first.  Here are some pictures of her experience.  We were done with the cutting in record time, so the hair dresser decided to give her a wash and hair dry too.  She felt like such a BIG girl.  I also let her decide how short to cut it (within reason - it could NOT be shorter then her shoulders - Daddy would have KILLED me especially since I hadn't warned him.)

Since Bridget (the hairdresser) had gotten done so quickly with Audrie, she started Arianna off with the washing and then would go on to cut her hair.  Arianna went a bit shorter then I anticipated, but still within our specified limits.  However, when daddy saw her hair he was a little more apprehensive about her cut.

Since, I can't take pictures WHILE cutting hair - here's a picture of Seanan giving Audrie a kiss after their hair cuts. ;)  
It's REALLY much shorter then we anticipated.  But the cutting guard we normally use is the color purple.  Seanan says that purple is a girls color so he wanted to cut his hair with the red guard, because red is a boy's color.  Well, the purple guard, is 1/4" while the red guard is 1/8".  

Needless to say, his hair is REALLY, REALLY short.  So much so, Seanan informed us that he doesn't like his hair cut - it's TOO short! :)  Well, next time we'll use the "girl" colored guard so that we like the way our hair looks ... and feels. 

Daddy got his hair cut too, but I don't have a picture to add.  I'll take one tomorrow if I can remember.

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