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Go Science! - A New TOS Review!!!

I'm always looking at ways to get quality products, but to save money or get discounts on those products.  Let's face it, money does not grow on trees, so if you can save when purchasing items who wouldn't like that?  Well, Library & Educational Services is a wholesale supplier of educational books, DVD's, CD's and more.  Since they are a wholesaler you can products at a 30% - 70% discount from their retail price. One of their products, called Go Science DVD series, was the latest review I received as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

The Product:
Go Science DVD series was created by Ben Roy, a former science professor and a former director of a science program on television.  He is both energetic and engaging, qualities necessary to bring young children's focus onto his experiments while he points that all of the science points to God, our Creator.  There are 6 Go Science DVD's that can be chosen from:
  1. Volume 1 - Motion: Discovering the Laws of Gravity and Motion
  2. Volume 2 - Simple Machines, Sound, and Weather
  3. Volume 3 - Magenetism, Electricity, Engineering, and Design
  4. Volume 4 - Chemistry, States of Matter, and Life Sciences
  5. Volume 5 - Air and Flight
  6. Volume 6 - Water, Space, and the Solar System
Each video has a series of experiments on the specified subject matter.  Mr. Roy tells you all about the subject while teaching a small, live class of students.  Each video is designed for ages 6-14 and costs just $8.97 or you can get the whole bundle of $47.95.
You can watch a small clip to see what you will be getting:

Our Experience:
Lately, science has been all the rage here at Walking Home Classical Academy from doing experiments, to watching NASA Educational Hours, to specific chemistry lessons, to watching DVD's like the Go Science series.

When the kids (ALL of them, including my 3 year old little man) heard we had received a few science DVD's they could not wait to be able to sit on the couches and watch them.  So we finished what we were working on and all headed to the living room to watch. I tried to get a picture, but the way our furniture is set up you can not "see" them watching (I'd have to take 2 separate pictures) so you'll just have to imagine their faces all staring in awe at the different experiments Mr. Roy was explaining.

Audrie asked me as I was writing this review, what review I was writing about.  When I told her it was for the science experiment DVD's she said, "Oh, I LOVE those!  They are so fun to watch and they are short.  He always tells you at the end about Jesus and God.  I like that.  The experiments are fun too.  Arianna doesn't like them as much as me, though." When I asked her why she thought Arianna didn't like them she responded, "Because she's older and she thinks it's a little boring.  She wants them to be longer.  I like them just the way they are."  So coming from a 6 year old I think the age range might be better suited for the younger crowd.
We have watched the 2 videos we received (Volume 3 and Volume 6) several times.  They have even been sent with my mother-in-law when school wasn't complete for the day, but they were going to her house.  She thought that the different topics were very diverse and loved that they were short - so that if a child lost interest you could stop it at the end instead of the middle of a detailed discussion.

My Thoughts:
I think that these videos are well priced for the content included.  I also love the short segments.  In Volume 3 there are 14 different experiments, yet the whole DVD is under an hour long.  So they are great for transition times (when you need something to keep your kiddos actively schooling while you are working on what is coming next), or just for fun.

I do think these are better suited for 3-10 instead of the stated 6-14 on the DVD's themselves.  They are a bit juvenile and I think your older kids might think just that - that they are too kid-like.  I also understand that some 3-5 year old may not be interested, but you'd be surprised at how much they actually learn.  I babysit for a variety of kids from 1-6 and all of them have enjoyed these videos.  Do they know exactly what was taught? Probably not, but the concepts were introduced and they learned something about the subject matter all while being entertained.

I think you will want to see just what Library & Educational Services is - a great resource for all families, especially homeschoolers, as well as schools, churches, and other educatores. Feel free to contact them directly if you have any additional questions or issues by phone (269-695-1800) or email.  Please take some time to read what other Crew members thought and how they implemented this into their home.

*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2011-2012 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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