Monday, January 30, 2012

Help for a Tired and Worn Mommy

You know we all have the days where everything goes well and then we also have the days where they don't. I've definitely had one of those latter type days.

My son has been very trying to say the least. One problem we are having is just plain issues with listening and remaining obedient. It's been very challenging. And when he doesn't follow directions the girls get distracted which causes school to take longer then it really has too.

Then our other issue has been about bedtime. He sleeps in his own room and the girls sleep in their room; both are upstairs. Up until recently there was no problems. However, lately he either abruptly wakes the girls up by barging in their room or loudly running up and down the stairs.

And to make things a little worse is that we were used to having children to sleep in until 9:30 (remember, we homeschool) ;) So I've tried everything including bribing with chocolate or marshmallows, watching a special show before his sisters wake up.

So my question to you ... Do you have any advice for this very tired and worn mom? I really could use some. That and some  prayer to make it through the "terrible two's/trying three's"

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