Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Movie Night - Game of Your Life

image1_thumb.jpgFamily Movie Night has done it again!  They have come up with another movie to be viewed by families.  The newest one is called Game of Your Life.  A young man, Zach Taylor, has won a valuable scholarship to a top notch technology school called DIGD - Digital Institute of Game Design.  This is a great opportunity for Zach, even though he is leaving behind his father and some family friends.

Zach eagerly awaits being under the tutelage of Marcus Bentton, a renowned legend in the gaming arena.  In order to make his dreams of a prosperous career in gaming design, he must make it through his first semester as a Freshman, by conquering a three month group project.  This project usually eliminates over half of the class.

Zach is paired with two other young men, Donald and Philip who have other of the necessary skills to make the group complete ... until they entice Sara to join them as the project producer.  While the  pressures of the first semester at the school are difficult, Zach is also dealing with the knowledge that his father is in financial trouble with his business and family home ... which Zach feels is his last connection to his mother who passed away a few years prior.

Zach is approached by Mr. Bentton and persuaded to work alongside of him, secretly, on other outside projects - which are prohibited during the first semester.  Zach agrees to the additional work in order to help out with the family financial problems.  Doing this ultimately brings Zach to the realization that loyalty, friendship, and responsibility are hard to decipher when you aren't looking at things with a clear perspective.

Due to his inconsistent behavior his team has to remove him which forces Zach to reveal the truth of what has transpired. These events help Zach realize that there is more to life then making money.

My husband and I really enjoyed this movie.  It was a great film about honest, relationships, and loyalty.  You can be sure that your entire family will enjoy this Family Movie Night.  Game of Your Life is set to air on NBC on Friday,  December 2nd at 8pm. To get you interested make sure you check out the trailer.

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