Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge Day 10

It seems as if I can't keep this up daily, but I am trying.  Some days just get away from me.  Anyways,  today I am thankful for my parents.  Both of them sacrificed to make sure that I was educated.  I was the first one who had ever gone to a 4 year college.  My mother is a registered nurse, but when she went through school, they didn't need the same amount of schooling.  My father never made it past the 6th grade.  So to send me to college was a BIG deal. I am thankful that I not only was able to go to college, but also attended law school which was another BIG  step in my educational journey.

My parents also sacrificed in many other ways over my life and I am so thankful to know that they have always supported me and my family.  There are always times in life that you go through trials and hardships.  And in these times I have known that my parents were there to pray for me, help me, and support me in whatever way they can.

I've read it somewhere that it says you didn't choose the family you were born into, but the Lord did.  So thank you Lord for my parents.  There is no such thing as the "perfect parent" or a "perfect family" for that matter, but I was given to the parents who would do the best for me ... whether I agree or not.

I hope you take a minute and link up with us over at the Garden of Learning for the Gratitude Challenge.  I'd love to hear ... what are you thankful for today??

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