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What Will Your Wager Be? - A New TOS Review!!

Does your family like games?  My husband and I do for sure ... and we are a bit competitive.  I presume that when our girls get a bit older a weekly game night will begin a rotation.  As for right now, we are starting to introduce games, but some of them aren't really for the age bracket we have (8,6, and 2.5.)  So when I found out we'd be reviewing games from NorthStar Games, I was very interested to see what they had available that could involve most of our family (not really looking for something for the 2.5 year old.)


The Product:
We were sent a copy of Wits & Wagers Family Edition, which is dubbed "the most award winning party game in history."  This is game is for ages 8 and up with at least three people.   The rules are easy (simplified from the original Wits & Wagers game) so that you can get right to playing. First a question is asked.  Then everyone rights down a guess as their answer.

All guesses are numbers, so that makes it easy even for those younger players.  Then once all the guesses are made you get to place your Meeples (your wager) on which guess is correct without going over.  You can bet on your own answer or someone else's answer.  Then points are awarded based on whether yours was the winning answer or whether you choose the winning answer.

So what is a Meeple, you ask?  It's a people shaped game piece that you use as your "wager." Each person (or team) gets one big one and one little one and the size determines how many points you receive.  You also get an answer board and a dry erase pen to write the answers down.

The game only takes a few minutes to "teach" or explain and then less then a half an hour to play.  First player (or team) to collect 15 points wins.  There are over 300 questions, 2 per card, which should last about 20 games without repeating a question.  And the best thing about the questions, is that you are NOT supposed to know the answer.  It's all about the GUESS!  That's what makes it so fun and exciting and easy for younger players to participate.

So who wouldn't want to have all this fun for just $19.99?  I thought so. ;)  So where can you get your copy?  Well you can purchase it directly online or at other retail locations.

Our Experience:
Even though my daughters are at the brink of the age range, one being only 6, we still had us all play together. The first time through we had Audrie (6) on with Daddy as a team, while Arianna and I (with Seanan who wasn't really a teammate so much as the "eraser") each played individually.  After the first game she thought she had gotten the hang of it and was able to play on her own.

The girls had so much fun.  They were making guesses and sometimes Arianna would even guess the correct answer.  Although Audrie had some fun, her guesses were ... a little 'far out' so most times she received her points by placing her Meeples on mommy or daddy's answer.  Arianna even won the second game we played!  So you can see this is just about being able to be a great guesser!!

I foresee that this game will become a well loved and most requested game as our family game nights emerge into existence. ;)

My Thoughts:
Having a short time where the game can be completed in is great when you have littler ones.  It keeps them from becoming bored and antsy while the family as a whole plays.  I also really love the Meeples.  They are cute and as entertaining as the questions.
Another feature I really enjoy is that all the answers are a number.  That is ingenious!  Because of that fact I think as long as your child can guess a number and write that number, they can play.  The scoreboard is cute also.  A line of colors that match your Meeple and all you have to do is put a mark in the circle.  That also allows a younger person to be the scorekeeper if they can't write or guess numbers.

I hope you head on over to NorthStar Games and check out their Wits & Wagers Family Edition as well as any other games that might interest your family.  You can also read what the other TOS Crew members thought of Wits & Wagers too!

*** I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2011-2012 Crew and receive free products and services in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of money for any of my reviews. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences with the products and services that I receive.***

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