Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mighty Macs - Movie Review

I have loved the influx of family friendly TV shows and movies that have been coming out lately.  The newest one is called The Mighty Macs.  If you had recently been to a movie (at a theater) you may have seen a trailer.

It is a movie that revolves around a true life story of Immaculata College in Philadelphia, a tiny Catholic all girl college, and Cathy Rush, a women's basketball coach, who wants to teach basketball after her own dreams were cut short.  All Immaculata was looking for was a coach before the season started.  What they received was a coach who was determined to help her girls learn life lessons, pride, and teamwork while being a part of her team.

Coach Rush and her team were disadvantaged from the beginning with little to no school support, no gymnasium to play in, and girls who do not know what it means to be a team. Not to mention the "big time" teams they would be playing against.

Will the team prevail?  Will the girls learn to trust and work together as a team?  Will Cathy Rush help or hinder the college with her forward thinking?  You will have to find out for yourself.  I don't want to spoil anything, but I would love to see this movie again and again.

My husband and I both watched it and were again reminded of how much we need to bring family friendly movies to the big screen.  The Mighty Macs opens today so it is very important that if you are wanting to see more of these types of movies, that you support them on opening weekend.  I know I'm posting this late, but I hope if you have plans to go to the movies that you might consider this true life story.

You can also visit the Mighty Macs on Facebook and Twitter.  You can even watch the trailer on YouTube.  I'd love to hear what you thought about the movie and what your thoughts are on how we can promote more family friendly movies for the current generation.

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