Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Good Day

I will report some more later, but I wanted to write down just how good today was.  Even though I had a headache and had no meds to take and no Coke Zero, we still had an awesome day.  I've been REALLY trying to be slow with my speech to my children and not to get too caught up in the "what has to get done."

Today we were able to do math, English grammar Latin, handwriting, reading, and Bible.  Then Arianna asked to do an extra math lesson (yay!) on her own ... and dad didn't even have to go over the lesson first.  I did a reading lesson with Audrie and Seanan even had his own lessons with counting and saying the alphabet.

Arianna then spent almost 2 hours working on Word Qwerty (typing which includes spelling rules).  Then at dinner we did a different grammar lesson just for Arianna.  And I have to say my eldest was a pure joy to be with today.  She answered "yes ma'am" every time, was quick to help and only had one time out.

After the kids were all ready for bed we watched a short video (that I will be putting a review up in the next few days) called Theo.  And as they were going to bed, dad came home to give everyone kisses ... the perfect ending to a great day.

All in all it was a good day, despite the headache.  Hope you come back tomorrow ... another game will be getting a review!

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