Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember ...

I remember exactly what I was doing on the morning of September 11, 2001.  I was in my office getting things ready for a few closings we were having.  We had the radio on and then we heard the report.  We then found a television, plugged it in and turned on the news.  They started showing images that I could just not believe were real.  Then the second plane struck.  It was real.  We were under attack.

The next several hours my entire office watched the news reports as all the information begun streaming in.  People were instantly killed.  Others were trying to hang onto any strand of courage, faith, and hope that they could as they started to leave the buildings as quickly as they could.  Would they get out?  Would they survive?  Where were their family members - their wives, their husbands, their children?  No one knew.  All anyone knew was that this was not a time to be frantic, but instead to be calm.  To slowly and steadily descend.

Now on the anniversary of one of the most horrific historical events of the United States I am taking time to remember ALL who sacrificed.  Those who sacrificed their lives.  Those who sacrificed their time.  New York City and the United States as a whole would never be the same.

But we need to remember that there is One who sacrificed His life for us too.  His name is Jesus.  And only Jesus can truly save and protect us.  I hope that you remember.  I also hope you know Him.  If not, take some time now, pray to the one and only true God and ask Him to come into your heart.  He can save you and bring you out of your despair.  He can transform your heart and life into one full of peace even in the midst of turmoil.  He loves you ... not for anything you do, but for who you are.  He remembers and He is still here waiting for you.

I'm going to leave you with this song by Alan Jackson.  Remember ...

(These pictures are from Press Association and others found at 9/11 remembered and 9/11 Memorial Website)

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