Friday, July 22, 2011

Swim Lessons

The girls have been going to swim lessons this summer.  We actually had some last year, but I don't think either of them remembered much.  So we called as soon as the pool opened and got some private lessons set up.

Arianna seemed to have remembered the most and she's been really trying and practicing.  She even tries doing windmills at home to practice what her arms are supposed to be doing.  Now she can almost float on her back by herself, she just has issues with arching so she "sinks" a bit.
She also is working on the frog kick for the breaststroke (as well as the breaststroke itself), swimming a little under water (she can only hold her breath for about 15 seconds) and the freestyle stroke.  She kicks well, most of the times.  The hardest thing for her is remembering to move her arms AND her legs at the same time.  Otherwise she expends all this energy and goes almost nowhere. Oh and when she goes to swim underwater she looks like a triangle with her booty in the air ... a bit funny to watch ... we're working on that too. ;)
Audrie is still working on not being fearful when she can't touch.  Also with sticking her whole head in the water.  Thankfully we've been able to get her to put her mouth and nose in just not her eyes.  However, she is quite dramatic when she doesn't want to do something, which can be a bit ... let's say trying for mom.
Earlier this past week we were able to get a pool membership so now we can go whenever the pool's open.  Hopefully this will help enhance the lessons being learned as well as give the family some fun memories.  We've also already been to 2 pool parties and I there's another one we may be heading to tomorrow.

I am so thankful for the membership.  I've been there twice already and I LOVE it.  The really cool thing ... there's been no more then 15 people at any time we went.  That's AMAZING for a pool in a neighborhood.  We went today and my husband was surprised at such a low showing.  This is at the pool in the neighborhood where he grew up so he knows this pool well.
  And better yet, because we have a membership, Seanan is able to participate as well.  He's doing better then his sisters in many ways.  He will kick, jump with no fear, even go under (even though he keeps forgetting to keep his mouth closed).  And he's learned the rule of when the whistle blows we have to get out and wait until it's blown again to get back in (that's when the lifeguard takes a break and littles are not allowed in.)
I'm hoping to spend most of the next month and a piece lying poolside, getting tanned, and watching my girls perfect the lessons they are learning.

Are you spending time at a pool, taking lessons, going to the beach?  I would love to hear any tips you have to help my girls not "flail" when coming up from under water and how to not be so stiff when trying to float.

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