Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charleston Battery Soccer Game

Tonight, my husband and both girls and I went to our first "real" soccer game.  Earlier in the summer the girls attended a soccer camp.  Then about 2 weeks ago when we went to Lifeway Christian Store, our local  radio station was there (as well as Hermie).

Audrie, was able to spin the spinner that the radio station had and whatever it landed on you won.  Usually it's the normal giveaway items: cd's, t-shirts, pens, bumper stickers and the like.  Well this time they had Battery written on the wheel.  Audrie's spin ... won us 4 tickets to the Charleston Battery Soccer Game!  The girls were super excited especially since they had just had soccer camp this summer.
So tonight was the night we were going.  We were up top and had pretty good seats.  We could see the whole field and the people playing weren't little pieces of rice. ;)  It started at 7:30 and at the beginning the girls were not very interested.  I think that was because it was still a bit hot AND we were facing the setting sun.  You can see here, that it wasn't the easiest to see with this staring back at you.

I did snap some cool sky shots while we were there too (when the action wasn't too fast.).

By half time the girls were getting a little antsy, so we went to get some type of souvenir.  While we were doing that we ran into Cannonball (the mascot.)
The second half of the game was (in my opinion) a little better and more fast paced.  We had several chances to get a goal but were never able to capitalize.  The Rochester Rhino's did.  The end score 0 - 1. Maybe the Battery will have better luck next time.

All in all it was a fun time with my girls and hubby.  Another fun memory for the summer.

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