Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Mickey and Minnie Help Celebrate

A few weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would like and had the time to make her twins' first birthday cake.  I was very excited since I hadn't made a cake for a non-family member in a while and we are heading into my "busiest" time with all the birthday's that start stacking up starting this month.

So we discussed what the theme was and what she was looking for and we came up with the cutest of ideas.  We'd have 2 separate cakes, one for each twin (which are a boy and a girl twin) that they could "delve" into and then a "main" cake for the rest of the party attenders.

I talked the idea over with my husband (who's also one of the best assistant's a girl could ask for) and he said that we could do little ears instead of polk-a-dots.  I LOVED that idea since the original picture that my 'client' sent me had polk-a-dots and I couldn't figure how to tie that in with Mickey and Minnie.

So my lovely assistant, yes still my husband, made my homemade icing, homemade marshmallow fondant, and homemade chocolate buttercream for my cakes.  I started baking the actual cakes (he helped with that too as soon as I started the decorating process.)

Then we iced them and covered them in fondant (which is another task that my hubby is great at helping and doing. Hmmm, you must be thinking, what do I do?  I'll get there)  Then came my FAVORITE part the decorating, which also happens to be my husband's least favorite part.  That is why we are such a great team.

On the twins' cakes I made one pink and the other blue with just buttercream, so they could get dirty and into it easier, and on the front they had a little set of ears in a coordinating color fondant.  Then on the top they had their names.  When I got to the party I placed the candles on in the blank area you see here.
Then came the fun part with the big cake.  They were both decorated with white fondant, alternating pink and blue ears as polk-a-dots and then a rolled pink and blue rope.  You put the ears on any way you like so that it doesn't look too clean-cut or planned.
So here's the finished product.  I don't have any photos from the party, but as soon as I get some from the family I plan on sharing. I want to see how those cute babies enjoyed their cakes.


Heidi said...

Those turned out ADORABLE!

Laura said...

Your cakes turned out fabulous!

Following you from TOS CREW.

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