Thursday, June 2, 2011


Most people hear summertime and they think ...
playing all day.

When I hear summer I think ...
Stephen's going back to school
and working
plan activities
more time to clean and organize.

Well, yesterday we did a "real" summer thing and went to the beach.  We planned it after completing our last Download-N-Go lesson -- Sunny Seashells.  So we had dad figure out which of the (many) local beaches had the best "shelling" opportunities. 

I do have to say that we had a great time.  We did leave a bit later then we had planned, but that ended up being good.  We got to the beach a little bit before low tide ... which is the best for shelling especially if we wanted to have any shot at finding live mollusks.

Next time though, I think Stephen and I will be wearing a higher spf.  We both got a bit 'toasty'.  Thankfully the children didn't.  They have some little spots where they are a little more pink then I'd like, but not nearly as bad as us. 

I'm hoping we can get out in the sun at the beach and try to find more shells at the different beaches and see what we can find.  Later this week I'll show you all of our finds, especially our "live" catch.

Hope you are having fun in the sun!

1 comment:

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Sounds like fun! My daughter is working on a seashells lapbook right now! We also love DNG. ;0)

Following you from the TOS Crew.

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