Saturday, June 25, 2011

Helping Dad and a Luau Pool Party Birthday

This morning, after a lazy morning with the children watching food tv, we had to do some chores before running to a one year old Luau birthday party.  Yesterday my husband had "glued" my vacuum back together (after I accidently broke it - and this is the new vacuum.)  So then before I could vacuum he had to put it back together (gently) and he was checking the bottom brush out.  Seanan wanted to see what daddy was doing.  So he went over and plopped himself down and proceeded to "elp daddy."  ;)  Here are some pictures of the "fixin'." (Don't tell Stephen I took them.  He hates when I take them and he has his shirt off.)  ;)

And here are some from their fun in the sun and pool!

Audrie about to blow bubbles

Seanan finally in the water with daddy.

Arianna hanging on .

That last picture of Ari, was taken after she had hung on to the pool and went around about 3-5 times.  Needless to say, her fingers are 'burned' or cut from the scraping.

So what are you doing on your lazy summer weekends?

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Laurie said...

Following you from the crew!

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