Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yard Work and Gardening

Today we spent most of the day outside.  I know for some this is not a possibility yet in the spring/summer season, but here in SC we hit over 80 today.  And I have quite a bad sunburn to boot.

We took out all the bushes that we are in the front, flanking our front steps, that we did not like and then moved them to the back yard between the trees.  This will provide a better barrier when we get  a fence to put out back so that the dogs can roam a little.

Then we planted some new plants, divided some bulbs and replanted those and planted black mondo grass as an edge for the two beds.  My "mother's day rose" (which I have had since my first mother's day 8 years ago) was laying on the ground pretty much.  So we were able to prop it up using some ingenuity and this giant green plastic stake.
We also found some blueberry bushes on sale so we planted those in the other bed so now it will be beautiful and edible out front. :)
For the garden, we have onions, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, corn, asparagus, and pumpkins in growing in our 'pine straw beds.'  They all seem to be doing well.  On the back deck we have hanging baskets that have mostly herbs, but one will be dedicated to strawberries.  I am hoping that this growing season we will have a lot of fresh produce to add to our food table.

The girls seem to love all the planting and gardening.  I can't wait until the produce starts to become harvestable.  That will really get them excited and wanting to do more.  We may even be able to get a raised bed to add more to our garden.  There are some veggies we are missing, including cucumbers and peppers. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but from being out in the sun today with not enough water I have been fighting a headache for most of the evening.  Plus make sure you check back tomorrow ... a new review is coming. :)

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