Monday, May 23, 2011

Parking at 45 Degrees

Tonight's plans were interrupted.  Around 5:20pm when I thought my husband would be almost home from tutoring, I texted him to see if he could go and pick up some hot dogs.  I received the following text back:

Need help. About wreck. In ditch.
No damage. Walking home.

Now, if you received this text what would be your reactions?  Yeah, mine were about the same. I ended up texting back to see where he was exactly and trying to figure out how you have an almost wreck and end up in a ditch with no damage.

Anyways, a few moments later and he was being dropped off by a friendly person who gave him the less then a half-mile ride to our neighborhood.  He then told me the story (of how someone several cars up slammed on brakes and then the domino effect which then caused him to slam on brakes and cut his wheels as my van slid.)  Needless to say, I was a bit relieved when I saw him home.  Then we had to quickly leave and go "rescue" the van.  We drove the little ways there and then I saw this.
I was now a little less relieved.
After a few people stopped and then one very nice man (with a larger truck) stopped and offered to help pull it out.  My husband proceeded to hook up tie downs to the truck and as the helpful man went to pull it out ... they SNAPPED!
Then after a little longer delay the very nice helpful man (with a Duramax Disel truck) and with a stronger chain, we were able to get the car out.  Safely. No damage (at least none that we have noticed) and were able to trek back home. 

Stressful event led to very little cleaning done, which really needs to get accomplished before Friday ... when my very bestest friend and her family come to visit.  I am so excited about that, but I was truly too stressed to work after that event.

I am truly thankful that the cryptic text I received was not as bad as initially thought.  However, I don't think my husband will be allowed to drive the van for a few days.  This might call for a "time out." :)

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Kristi said...

I think it is quite special that your hubby chose to hand you a blog post topic that is a perfect match for your Blog Name. That was very sweet and courteous of him. (*snicker, snicker, giggle*)

Glad it all worked out well and that God made boys with big trucks in such a way as they get super excited to pull and push things using heavy chains. So glad there were testosterone filled men down there to help you all out of the ditch.

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