Monday, April 11, 2011


Why is it that we are always waiting and looking forward to the weekend and when it gets her it seems it is gone before it starts?  This past weekend was a bit like that for me.

I have just become a Pampered Chef Consultant (anyone want to host a catalog or cooking show, PLEASE get in touch with me, I'd love to help you earn FREE products.)  And this weekend was my first cooking show.  I was very nervous and anxious, but I knew it would all be okay.  Thankfully, it wasn't very many people and my team leader came to help me and to do part of the show (as a refresher) for me.  That was Friday.

On Saturday our church was having a Family Worship Experience in the evening.  It was great.  My girls wished it lasted longer and that they were able to do more of the 'centers'. but for the first one I think it went well.  But, before we went to that, we mowed our lawn, planted n our garden and ran some errands.

Then on Sunday, my husband was working the sound board for the tech team.  That meant (since we only have one running vehicle) that we ALL had to drop him off at church in the morning.  Then I came back with all the kids, got them fed, dressed and ready to go.  We then jumped back into the car so I could drop the girls off with their Savtah (their grandmother) at her church because I had an event at church that I was one of the volunteers for.  I rushed to get there on time, and started helping while Seanan stayed in his stroller.  As soon as church was over, dad took over Seanan duty and I helped at our church event called NEXT.

When NEXT was over, Stephen came back to get me and we rushed home to get the little one in a nap before evening service (which is our regular service.  Morning services only started recently) for Stephen to work on the tech team for that service also.  We had a children's worker out this week so I ended up substituting for that so I spent my evening with 2 and 3 year olds teaching them about the Great Commission.

Then to top off my VERY busy weekend, I had a dental appointment today to finish my root canal, put the post in and a temporary crown until my permanent crown comes in in a month.

Busy, busy, busy.  Oh and I have a meeting tonight  - my first Pampered Chef meeting (hoping the numbness wears off soon.)

So do your weekends look like mine?  Do you plan in relaxation?

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The Family Stone said...

My weekends are go go go, and then go some more. And then when I'm not going, I'm at home cleaning or doing laundry, or getting us all ready to go again! I'm trying to savor these days of busy-ness. I know I'll miss them!

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