Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Peek into Life with More Then Three

As you might now my husband and I have three very wonderful and beautiful children.  I love them all and I hope to have more.  Right now that is not what we have been blessed with, but for this past year our house has had 2 extra children twice per week. 

I have noticed that when you have more your "classes" get more fun and interesting.  You can actually have your students raise their hands and participate. They get to learn from each other, and learn patience and self-control.

Well, this past week I was trying to help a friend of ours and I said I would keep her 2 children also.  So on Thursday of last week, I had SEVEN children all 7 and younger.  I had a 4 month old, two 2 year olds, a three year old, two 5 year olds, and my seven year old.  Both parents thought I was CRAZY to accept the job of watching them both. 

Now, granted it was only for a few hours, but I had a blast!  I think the kids did too.  I really understand now why having more actually makes things easier.  The group phenomenon takes a bit to get used to, but I would LOVE to have more. (And we've been trying, but God hasn't allowed it to happed just yet.) I also know that sometime in our future, adoption is probably in our path.  But, that too, is up to God's timing, not ours.

So how big is your family?  Do you think having a large family is easier or harder?  Why?  Do you think having children added slowly over time made it easier to adjust?

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The Family Stone said...

We have 5. Three older ones, that are 19, 16, and 14. Then we have a four year old and a toddler. I love it, even though it is crazy sometimes. If I didn't have to be pregnant, I'd do it again. I think it makes it easier because there are more hands.

My big kids think we are crazy to have and enjoy the little ones most days, but there is a unique relationship there that is lovely.

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