Monday, April 18, 2011

Dreams of Yesterday, Today, and the Future

This week's question:

If you didn't homeschool, 

what would you DREAM of doing?

Hmmm ...  I don't know ... let me think ...?

Well, way back when I was in college I had a dream of becoming a lawyer.  Not just any lawyer, but one who actually made a difference.  And not a difference for one ... a difference for the community.  A difference for our nation. So after I graduated college, I went to law school (a little known fact.)  I spent three years in Virginia Beach, VA, at Regent University School of Law ... and I graduated.  I had plans of changing the laws for schooling and taxes that supported schools.  I wanted to help the Christian, private and homeschooling families have their taxes support their school.  I even did a paper on this issue while in my Education and Law class in my 3L year.  I did tons of research and Texas' then Governor George W. Bush was one of the main proponents of the tax changes for his state. I hoped that I could help the Christian community bring better support, monies, and resources into the schools instead of the funding going to support the public schools.  

However, after graduation, plans changed.  I started dreaming of getting married.  I worked in the legal field, but as a law clerk in a real estate firm.  I then realized (after being there for a while) that the real estate field in SC needed a change.  It needed streamlining. So I started on working on a book.  Let's just say the book is still in a working mode.  Life happened ....

I was married.  Then 3 years later we found out we were pregnant.  I knew I would not be working after my baby was born.  My husband and I decided that when that day came, I would stay at home and teach our children in the way of the Lord, in the best we we could.  Since then I have been blessed with three precious children, all of whom have been homeschooled since birth.  Homeschooling them was also a dream.  My husband and I knew we would probably get some flack from people, but I was willing to take it.  I knew that this was what God was calling us too and my husband was behind me 150% of the way.  

My dreams have changed a little now.  (Both my husband and) I dream of helping other parents that think that homeschooling is too hard, not for them, impossible to do, but still feel a pull to homeschooling make their 'dream' become a reality.  My husband and I would also love to dream of having (one day maybe) a small school that was run using the classical model of homeschooling and which fully instituted the trivium and quadrivium.

For now, my dream is to help my children build their dream and to realize them.  To know that they can do ANYTHING they put their mind and heart into.  What are your dreams?  Have you given something up? Put it on a side burner?  Maybe it's time to remember your dreams and pray about them.  Pray that the Lord will open His doors to help your dreams become a reality.  And be sure and read what some others on the Crew dream about doing.


Doreen said...

I bet you would have been a great lawyer! But, I'm sure you are even a greater Mom and teacher :) Thank you for sharing your journey and your dreams. Aren't God's plans so much greater than hours!
I'm coming by from the Crew and now I'm a follower. I look forward to reading more from your blog.
God Bless,

Vickie said...

Personally, I didn't put anything on hold or set it aside to focus on family. Family and being a teacher was/is my dream.

In some ways, you are still lawyer-ing (is that a word?) Or will be....advocating to assist families in their homeschooling endeavors, I'm sure takes the same kind of go-get 'em attitude that comes with being a lawyer. Hmmm...I don't think I'd ever make a good lawyer, trying to keep my thoughts in order and get them out to be understood as they are intended :)

Michelle Smith said...

Interesting how God has a way of changing our dreams and desires sometimes. Yet so often he leads us in one path for a purpose--even when he tells us to walk down a different pathway later. I'm sure in the years to come you will see how that other path will lead you into His plan for your life. :)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Your dream of being a lawyer went a bit further than! Good post. Isn't it funny how getting married and having children changes us...I would have never thought I would be where I am now when I was younger, that's for sure!

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