Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Seanan!!

My little man turned 2 today.  He is growing up so fast.  I wish we could make them stop growing, but I know it won't work.  Oh well ... a mama can dream, right?

So we got him a "used" train table.  We had one for the girls when they were little and they never liked it.  Seanan LOVES trains and cars and trucks. He is so BOY!  So we wrapped it (in a blanket since I didn't really want to waste that much paper) and I put his wind and go Thomas train on it.  My mother-in-law also got him this little portable train with just three cars and a tracks that he has played with most of the day. 

This afternoon we had to go get a present for Audrie to get him since she couldn't find what she wanted yesterday.  While shopping at the store he fell in love with this little piano toy so I hid one under the cart and then I had to tear the one he had from him so he thought we didn't get it.  :)  Won't he be surprised tomorrow?

Then after we got the kiddos to bed we started prepping the cakes. I was going to make a Chuggington cake (it's his favorite cartoon and it's all about trains and they are way cuter then Thomas.)  But then I found this cake pan.  I will probably post tomorrow night about the party and have pictures from the cake, but let me tell you this cake is going to be CUTE!

Well need to run, still have a bit to do before I can settle down and relax before the big party day tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Seanan!  You have been a joy to watch grow and I love you more and more everyday.

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Dawnmarie said... is so hard to watch our babies get to be "big boys." Our son turned three last month and had a train party, and we made a train cake. People really enjoyed it, and it was a fun conversation piece. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Happy birthdya to Seanan!

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