Saturday, March 5, 2011

Futility ...

Well, I am writing this because I am just ... depressed and disheartened.  I know this might sound silly to some, but the last two days I have accomplished nothing that I had hoped.  Therefore, I know am left with feeling futile.

This all started because we had recently received our tax return and there were many items on the "need right now or soon" list.  My husband has the next 2 weeks as half-off weeks since the school he teaches at and the school he attends have two separate spring breaks.  On Friday we had 2 less children and decided that would be a great day to go looking for some of our items.

After going to 5-6 stores looking and traveling all around the area over about 6 hours we returned home with one item.  That item was not even on the original list, but a sort of necessity nonetheless.  Would you like to know what that one item was?  A toddler backpack with a leash.  Seanan (who will be two in 6 days) loves to be able to walk, but he has gotten to that stage where holding a parent's hand is not what he wants to do now that he's "independent."

The main thing we were looking for is a vacuum.  We have needed one for quite some time.  I have been researching for a while and would really LOVE to have a Dyson, but without a sale they were a bit out of our price range.  I found a sale going on at Sears.  So we traveled down to the one Sears close by and they had NONE of the one we could afford.  The one we were going to get was marked 45% off down to $246! They sold out on Wednesday.  We went on Friday.

So today the plan was to go and actually retrieve the items we needed which included a vacuum of some sort (my rugs are really gross ... trust me,) a small deep freeze, and a grill (ours is completely ruined.)  We were also going to run some errands. 

Guess what?  Futility struck again.  We were gone for 7 hours this time and the only thing we managed to do was find a pretty decent vacuum.  It was on sale for about $150.  It's called the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser.  It sounded like that was exactly what we needed and was available for a good price.  So after getting home and putting the kids to bed, my wonderful husband (knowing I really wanted to vacuum tonight) started to put my vacuum together.

Once done assembling the vacuum I was moments away from vacuuming bliss, until ... he noticed a very BAD problem.  The bottom of the vacuum is completely and utterly broken.  Broken vacuum = Unusable vacuum = Feelings of total Futility ... :(

Maybe tomorrow will be a better and brighter day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! That stinks! Especially the broken vacuumn.
I bought our Dyson off Overstock at a better deal than I could get in stores so just look around. My friends got a great charcoal grill (which I love because they have so much more flavor) off of Craigslist - so maybe check around there to. Maybe God has great deals planned for you and you just need to wait for the right timing.

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