Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding and YOU Can Help Pick the Cake!

I have always remembered the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  I remember watching it on the television.  And now, many years now, my children (especially my two girls who LOVE to pretend to be princesses) are very close to being able to watch a real life Royal wedding.

Kate Middleton, the soon to be princess, is busy making her arrangements ... finalizing the guests, picking the perfect dress, and of course getting the cake.  Well Betty Crocker has  decided to help Kate, by offering her four beautiful Royal Wedding Cakes to decide from.  They are all inspired by the traditional British saying, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue."
Something Old

Something New

Something Borrowed

Something Blue

What is even more exciting is that you (and Me!) have the opportunity to vote for which one we would choose and have a hand in helping Kate pick her Royal Wedding Cake.  The voting will end on March 18th and the winning Royal Wedding Cake will be announced on March 24th.

I haven't quite decided which cake I will be voting for, but I'm leaning towards "something old."  However, if it was me and my wedding, I'd break from tradition a bit and probably go with "something blue."  Which one will you choose to vote for?

Stay in touch with the voting by visiting Betty Crocker's Facebook page.  While you're waiting to hear the results of the Betty Crocker vote and for Kate's decision you might want to have your own Royal Viewing Party.  You could try making some of these royally inspired treats: Tea Sandwich Flats, Hibiscus Royale Champagne Cocktails and Royal Blue Velvet Cake.

I can't wait to hear which cake Kate decides to go with.  But I do know that I will be watching the Royal wedding snuggling with my two princesses.  We may even try to make the Royal Blue Velvet Cake for our event.

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Dawnmarie said...

Hmm...the wedding colors might be a deciding factor. I do like the old and the borrowed, though. The blue does not look "royal" enough, and the new is just ugly...in my opinion. I do not mean to insult whoever probably worked very hard designing it. 8^)

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