Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Plans

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and even though it's not a "real" holiday (like Christmas and Easter) I still love to participate in it.  We haven't really had the card exchange yet since my children are still quite young, but I have my own plans for tomorrow.

I've made some sugar cookies (well the dough is in the refrigerator and I'm about to roll it out after I finish this post) and I'm going to make heart shaped cookies for snacks tomorrow.

Then tomorrow morning I will be 'stamping' out hearts from the scrambled eggs.
This morning my husband made heart shaped fried eggs with one piece of bacon underneath -- like an arrow.  They were super cute.  Lunch will also be stamped out heart shaped sandwiches.

I'm also planning on doing a 'love note' treasure hunt.  At the end of the hunt will be a chocolate kiss.  These little hearts throughout the day should really help my children see how much they are loved.  As parents, sometimes we take it for granted that our children know they are loved.  Sometimes we need to show them.

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