Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Unseen Plan

I don't really want to go into too many details ... but I need to write this out.  My husband has been working on getting his Statistics Certificate in order to get 18 hours of graduate level math in order to procure a position at a local University.  We started this all about a year ago, knowing that the end goal was a full time position where we believed God was leading us to.

Now with 6 hours down and with my husband taking 3 classes this semester, all that has changed.  The person who spoke to my husband and knew what he was doing in order to meet the "requirements" has now told him that those classes will not be sufficient.  They are not 'content math.'  The more annoying thing is that the class my husband is trying /wanting/needed (by the department) to teach is what they call 099 Math.  It's in this program designed for kids who couldn't really make into college so they give them a helping hand with their math or English or both as well as a Study Skills class.  (That might not have made sense, but I hope it did.) 

Essentially he would be teaching a high school algebra class to freshman in college to get them 'up to speed'.  What's extremely annoying is that he tutors in this "bridge" department's math lab.  He also has been a personal tutor for years and years for everything from 6th grade math up to Calculus 1-2.  And last year he taught at a Christian school their entire high school math program (also included Pre-Cal.) 

So I've said all this to say that ultimately God has a plan.  My husband and I have been working and striving to what we assumed was the end goal ... a position at the local Christian college teaching lower level students their intro 099 math class and some study skills classes.  Now it seems, God has had a different idea from the start.

I was very distraught earlier today when I was given the news from my husband.  Fear struck me.  What are we going to do?  How are we going to pay our bills?  BUt then I remembered that a few weeks ago in church we were learning about uthe LORDSHIP of Jesus.  We were comparing the faith of Jairus (to ask for his daughter to be healed, which essentially became her being raised from the dead) to that of the woman with the issue of blood.  Is my faith being propped up?  Or am I pushing through to reach Him?  Would the Lord think that my faith level is bold or timid right now?  Probably timid.  So I know I need to dig deep and rely on Him and know that no matter what happens it all been in His plan ... the Unseen Plan.

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The Unsell Family said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I will be praying for you all. ((Hugs))

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