Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reading the Bible in 90 Days - Day 10

If you've been following my blog or a while, you may know of my quest to Read the Bible in 90 days.  I posted about that a week or so ago.  This term started on the 3rd and will run through April 2nd. 

My problem is that I started out behind.  I was hoping to be able to read it out loud to my husband, but that hasn't worked out.  So since I was "waiting on him" for the first day or so I got a little lot behind.  But I am still persevering and trying to catch up.  I am in the 15th chapter or so of Exodus.  However, I am supposed to be finishing up with chapter 8 of Numbers.

I am definitely getting something out of it.  I found little tidbits here and there that have jumped off the pages and helped to make me think.  I would encourage you if you had been thinking about trying this out, to start.  Even if you are behind you can go to Mom's Toolbox and read her blog for whatever day you are in.  Or set aside a larger chunk of time for the next few days and "catch" up to where we are.  I'm hoping by Sunday to be "caught" up.  I am just reminding myself to read at every opportunity.

So go ahead and start reading.  If not in 90 days, at least set a goal and work to achieve your goal.  Maybe you haven't read the Bible from cover to cover, or you can read it chronologically, or you can do an in-depth study of a particular book and focus on that book over a month, a year, even several years.  Our church is going through the book of Luke and we are only in like chapter 12 or 15 and we've been walking through the book since August or September.

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Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I'm so glad you are reading with us! It can be tough when you are behind, but set a plan and catch right up by Sunday.. it will be so worth it, I promise. :)

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