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Review: Narnia Code

I was asked to review the movie Narnia Code.  It is a documentary movie about C. S. Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis) the author of the now famous Narnia books.  This documentary was very enlightening and begins at the beginning explaining a little about C.S. Lewis before telling us about this mysterious "code" that has been discovered.


       The Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis has become one of the most
       globally beloved franchises in history.  And yet, there are mysteries about the
       author and these seven stories that have fascinated scholars and fans for
       nearly half a century.

       Enter Michael Ward who takes us inside the pages of Lewis' masterpieces
       and discovers a "secret imaginative key"  -  THE NARNIA CODE DVD.

       Like a detective embroiled in an exclusive chase, Ward takes us on an
       illuminating adventure into medieval cosmology and spiritual symbolism.
       His absorbing conclusions  reveal a new third layer of hidden delight that
       will forever change your love and appreciation for C. S. Lewis and the
       Narnia books.



Michael Ward, the author of Planet Narnia, was working on his PhD in C.S. Lewis literature and discovered another hidden dimension that corresponds with all seven of the Narnia books.  He tells us that within the Narnia stories there were three layers: a fairytale, Biblical parallels, as well as direct correlation between each book and one of seven medieval planets. 

Ward believes that Lewis used the planets and turned them into plots.  One thing I found fascinating was that the planets were not really planets as we think of them today.  The planets are those that could be studied and watched with the naked eye (without the use of telescopes) just like the people of the Medieval and Renaissance times.  Those 'planets' were the sun, moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.  Mr. Ward tells how each book revolves solely around one of these 'planets' as a hidden code behind Lewis' genius. Lewis believed that we were surrounded by a "meaning drenched universe" and hid within his fairytale stories bit and pieces of our universe.

The documentary speaks with many experts and all of them seemed to concur that Michael Ward may have finally broken the "code to Narnia."  It seems that this code helps to explain many issues that creep up within the books that have no other connection to any other book in the series.  For instance The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is based on the planet Jupiter.  The red spot on Jupiter is representative of the sacrificial blood of Jesus.  Within the text of this book there is the saying "winter past and guilt forgiven" tying it to the corresponding planet of Jupiter.

There are many further correlations as well as information about C.S. Lewis the person and how he became the man we know today.  Lewis called himself the "most reluctant convert in England" who once was an atheist.

The documentary also includes three featurettes.  The one called the Heart of the Code goes into a full explanation of who each of the medieval planets was the basis for the plot in each of the seven Narnia books.

I found this documentary very interesting and intriguing.  I found that I learned a great bit of new information and also a yearning to read the Narnia books looking for the correlations that I have now been shown.  I really enjoyed this documentary and would suggest that if you are a Narnia fan or C.S. Lewis fan that you take the time to watch this DVD.

This DVD should be in most Christian Stores for purchase by the end of January 2011, but is available now in select stores.  Be sure to check out more about the Narnia Code at their website.

*** I was given this product free of charge by Propeller in exchange for a thorough and honest review to be posted on my blog. I will receive no further compensation of any kind. My reviews will always reflect my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences with any products and services I receive.***

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Samantha said...

I have only seen the first movie, so am not a die hard fan. Yet. Very interesting, though!

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