Friday, December 31, 2010

Challenge Week 10 - Fit Mommy Friday - The End!

Did I make my goal?  No.  Actually I kind of gave up.  After Thanksgiving it seems that things went way down hill (and fast) so I stopped even trying to force myself to stick to my goals.

I was able to do some things, like drinking water more and keeping my soda intake to less then 2 per day.  The one thing that I messed up on the most is the carbs.  We just haven't had the money to eat mainly veggies.  I find it annoying that our country is in such a state of bad nutrition and those of us trying to be healthy can't because fresh fruits and veggies cost so much more then boxed stuff.

However, I have already prepared myself to start on a new journey.  Beginning the first full week of January (the 10th, I think) I will be starting this again.  I want to look better by my birthday which is around the middle of March.  My father has been losing weight and wants to his his goal weight by August of this year.  He's already lost 40 pounds since August and I am so proud of him.

I know that our families (mine and Stephen's) are in a desperate need of change and making a lifestyle shift.  One that is full of activity, energy and healthy eating.  I'm hoping that my family can help be the catalyst for the change.

Congratulations to all the ladies who made their goal!  I'm proud of you and what you have accomplished.  I hope you check in on me and see how I'm doing throughout the next few months of the new year.


Laura O said...


I completely agree that buying the healthy food takes more of a toll on the budget. I've found that frozen and canned veggies are usually far cheaper than fresh, yet still have great nutrition. We purchase most of our frozen veggies at Costco or Sam's Club.

And, don't shortchange your cutting back on soda. I've heard it called 'liquid Satan' in one diet book and don't doubt that giving it up is a great step on the path to improved health.

Briana said...

Good job setting a new start date. It is great that you have your father to look up to as you work at losing weight.

Sometimes we don't do as well as we would like but if we don't give up and keep trying we will eventually be successful!

SisterTipster said...

Keep going, girl..YOU WILL make it! It's really a challenge to change the way we eat and so much is tied to it in our emotions and culture. You have make some good changes and will be working to further them~hey, do you garden? We're learning to fresh preserve our veggies (some of them) for the winter season...and the frozen section has quite a few...Just keep making what changes you can~buying the more expensive food is actually cheaper than medical bills~THIS IS EXACTLY what I tell my hub if he complains about the grocery bill...and well, we grow some of it too...but then you might find a bulk buying/discounter grocery for some stuff like a dented can store...I buy loads that way good whole wheat bread fifty cents a loaf~I can't make it for that...and fresh stuff marked pretty low~especially if you buy in cabbage and sweet potatoes are 'in' right now and less costly...hey, so is fresh pumpkin...don't laugh, but we've bought them for 25 cents each and baked them and made our healthy version of 'pie' with no sugar/white flour...LOL....Keep up the AWESOME commitment...losing weight begins in the mind...You go girl! Happy NEW YOU Year! HUGS!!

Mrs. White said...

It is so expensive to eat healthy. Food, in general, costs a fortune as it is.

I love that you are going to keep up with healthy fitness goals in 2011!

Mrs. White

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