Friday, November 5, 2010

Challenge Week 2 - Fit Mommy Friday

This is the second week of 10 towards the Challenge over at Fit Mommy Friday. Now this week I expected to not lose as much and I was right.  It's kind of that time (if you know what I mean), but I am happy to report I not only did not lose anything, but I did not gain anything.  Which is awesome in my book.  Normally on these "types" of weeks I gain.  So that might mean I may have lost weight, it just won't show up until next weeks weigh-in.

So here are my goals I have posted for this challenge:

1. Eat a salad 5 times per week.
2. Drink at least 48 oz. of water each day ( I hate water.)
3. Have no more then 2 Coke (zero's - so no calories) per day.
4. Exercise with the 30 Day Shred (or another Biggest Loser video) 3 times/week. 
5. Walk 2- 3 times per week 2 times around my neighborhood.

So let's see if I can recap my week.
 #1 and #2 have been much easier to attain and I'm getting better at them too.  I have eaten a salad almost every day since the challenge began.  I've also made sure to drink my water up front  (at the beginning of the day) so that I can make sure I complete my intake of 48oz.  I have noticed that if I start later it gets harder and harder to do.

#3 - I've been keeping with the max of 2 Coke Zero's and most days I keep it at one. That is an awesome thing for me.

#4 - I've done the 30 Day Shred video, but I think they've changed them up for November on my 'On-Demand' feature with our cable programming.  Every day I plan to use it I have to search for it for a while before I can figure out where it is.  I have been able to also do this with Audrie.  She loves to exercise with me.  The other day after I had finished I was trying to see what some of the others were.  So while I was recovering and watching she got up and started working out with Jillian Michaels using her sneaker as a kettle ball.  It was hysterically cute!

#5 - I think this one I slammed out of the park!  I've walked and walked.  Last Saturday we went as a family to the corn maze.  We walked at least 4 miles (with the girls walking too).  Then this week the girls and I walked (while I strolled Seanan) around the 'hood 3 times (4 is a mile.)   And tonight to top off my week we went to the fair and walked and walked and walked.  Not sure how much but at least a mile.  And I was good.  I ate very little of the high fat and high carb food. (Usually we eat some of everything!)

Overall, I think I have had an awesome week.  And I really appreciate all of you who have commented.  It really, really helps.  And don't forget to head on over to Fit Mommy Friday and check-in on the rest of the mommies in the challenge.


Briana said...

Good job!!!

Annie Kate said...

Walking is good. I'm sure it's the best exercise out there! LOL

I'm sure you'll soon feel a lot better without all that coke!

Annie Kate

SisterTipster said...

Wonderful~ Sounds like you are doing GREAT! AND listen, while the scale won't lie over time, it can give a false..which is prob what has happened since you've made such great changes. KEEP going and so glad to hear of all the great things happening! I too get excited when I receive encouragement~I'm hanging onto the idea of progress not perfection! Sending a hug and wishes for a great weekend!

midwest mama said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I try to get my water in early in the day, too, but for a different reason---so I don't have to get up in the middle of the night:-)

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Keep it up and you will start to see results!

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