Wednesday, October 20, 2010

State by State - Delaware and Pennsylvania

Recently the girls and I have been participating in a postcard swap.  We joined up with several other homeschooling families to send and get postcards.  The swap is going in the order the states become states.  We've had 4 already, so I'm a little behind on this posting. That's mainly because I was trying to think of some fun way we could teach and learn about each of the states weekly amongst all our other studies.

So we came up with a scrapbook portfolio of sorts.    I had to go and get a new folder and some of those clear plastic post card holders.  Then I go and find pictures and some fun facts and info on each of  the states.  We also get books at the library for weekly reading.  We read some of them aloud and others Arianna either reads to herself or out loud to her sister.  Then I cut out all the pictures and I print my "info sheet" on card stock, leaving room on the side to hole punch it. 

After all our reading we are able to look through the pictures and match them up.  Here's some pictures from the first ones we did (Delaware and Pennsylvania.)
 (I'll have to add these later.  Blogger is doing maintenance to the pictures and I can't get to them)

If you are interested in doing a postcard swap I'm sure you can find others interested.  There's also another one I found out about recently called postcrossing.  Either way, if you want to talk about your postcard adventures  head on over to The Blessings Pour Out and link up to her Where In the World? meme.  I know she'd love to have you.  I'd also love to hear what your thoughts are on any of our states.


Heather said...

Hi Kelly! It's no worries when you are are never anything but right on schedule for where you need to be!

I am looking forward to seeing what pix you found. If you have time, head on over to my blog and post this using the Mr. Linky at the end of this week's post on GA. I haven't quite figured out the linky you have to make a new one for every week?

In any case, I left the date the linky would be open at a year! lol! And the one linker-upper I have so far shows on every week I added the linkytool to. I don't suppose this is a bad thing...especially with just one!

I am excited you are doing this, too. We can keep each other motivated. Thanks for your help with all of it.



PS. I signed up for Postcrossing as well, and it sounds like fun.

Jodi said...

Sounds like fun..and a great way to learn about the 50 states! Thanks for following me, following you back! ;)

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