Friday, October 15, 2010

How's Your Handwriting Tag

I was tagged the other day by Guiding Light Homeschool.  It is a fun and simple handwriting tag that she saw over at The Watered Soul. we go...

The instructions are to take a photo and post it after writing the following:

1:  Write name and blog
2:  Right-handed/left-handed (right hander)
3:  6 favorite letters
4:  Write The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
5:  Write the following words in capital letters: 
6:  Write your favorite song lyrics (Amazing grace how sweet the sound ...)

So here's my picture:
 (*I have edited this post and removed the picture so that others might not use it in a detrimental way.)

I didn't really think I had 6 favorite letters.  And Amazing Grace is a song I sing a lot (especially when putting little ones to bed), but not necessarily my favorite.  I couldn't find the words to any of my favorite songs because I couldn't remember their titles.

Anywho, I've now tagged YOU!

Clothesline Musings
Fostering My Family
Blessing Farm

And anyone else who wants to share.  I'd love to see your handwriting so make sure you leave a comment if you participate.  I'll come check your out.


Guiding Light said...

I see you followed along...someone suggested I remove mine because it may allow others to use my handwriting...I had thought about that when I put it up but didn't think any more about it...I have decided to pull it off my site so I thought I would let you know so you can then make your own decision as to what to do. Sorry! I thought it was a fun tag...but in hind sight, may not have been a good idea... Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Kristi said...

Life is insane and I'm starting to lose it.........but I"m confused. You wrote all that stuff down and then took a photo of it and then took the photo off because someone might misuse it? How? What should I be afraid of? Very curious.

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