Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homeschooling a 2nd, K5, and a Tot - Week 4

Well, I don't think I've been very good at keeping up with our weekly re-cap.  For some reason I get ahead of myself at the beginning of the week and then forget to do it on Friday or Saturday.  So today, Tuesday, I will be telling you what happened last week (which was our 4th "official" week, even though we've been back to school since the end of August.)

Last week in History we covered Julius Caesar, the 1st and 2nd Triumvirate, Cleopatra and Herod.  The girls love some of their "hands-on time"  like pretending to be a slave, dressing up like Cleopatra and rolling out of a rug, and connecting Herod from history to the Herod that ordered all the baby boys to be killed.

Then in Science we focused on the Earth's Structure.  They took turns pretending to be the sun or the earth and rotating and revolving.  We also talked about the fact that when we have sun the other half of the world is sleeping and when we are sleeping they are awake.  This was easier to explain since my brother, whose in the military, is on the other half of the world.

Some other subjects we did collectively include Character Studies - attentiveness and review of obedience, Bible, and Nature Study.  You can see our post about our geese/duck challenge here.

Arianna is progressing well with her handwriting and her Latin studies.  We completed Lesson 2 of Latina Christiana I.  We've been doing worksheets for English Grammar and Math as we await our books to come in (we should have them soon.)

Audrie has been more excited and willing to do her school.  I don't "pressure" her as much since she's only in K5, but I also don't want her to do nothing.  We worked on the vowels A & E, sang our phonics song/poem for them several times a day as well as make a scrapbook page for each.  We will be moving through the letters much quicker this time (see my post here about how we did a letter a week theme for K4) so I figured 2-3 letters per week would be great. The scrapbook page was a quick idea I came up with so that as we add to the book we'd be able to use the pages as a review for the letters and the sounds.  I'll post pictures soon, maybe even next week.

We also did work on Kumon maze book, numbers book, math book, as well as her own handwriting practice.  It usually gets all done in about 30 minutes, but then our crafts take longer.

Seanan has been working on his own little things.  I don't have many "Tot School" activities .. yet.  But I am trying to create and gather some.  He seems to have gotten tired of the bottle caps, but still likes playing with the beads on the long string.  It usually ends up that the girls are picking up everything he throws down, so we'll see if I can find some more interesting items for him to be occupied with.

That's it for this last week.  Hopefully I will be able to catch  up and post our week's review on Saturday.  That is my goal!

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