Friday, October 1, 2010

The Geese Come A Callin' - Autum Outdoor Hour Challenge

Last Friday over at The Handbook of Nature Study our new challenge was geese.  I was so excited because about a week ago we had a whole gaggle of geese. (If you didn't know a gaggle is what you call geese when there are at least 5 of them together and they are on land.  If they were flying they are called a skein.) I was hoping that they would come back and we wouldn't have to hunt them down.

Well Monday morning, which was a dreary, drizzling day, brought the geese.  As soon as the girls saw them they wanted to go and feed them.  Last time I had forgotten to bring enough food.  This time we came prepared.  Both girls, Seanan (in his stroller) and me all walked to our square to visit with our new neighbors - the geese.  We took lots of pictures.

Then later that day, we took some time to draw in our nature journals our own version of the geese we had seen.  I was so proud to see this finished drawing by Arianna. She had NO HELP FROM ANYONE!

Isn't it wonderful?  Mom, also drew a goose and I will share, but only because my girls want me to. (Please do not critique - I am no artist!)

Audrie hasn't wanted to draw any geese yet, but maybe she will before weeks end and I can get her drawing on here too.

We also were able to get some pictures of ducks.  Tomorrow we plan on looking at both the goose and the duck and comparing them.  I will be asking the girls to look at the shape of their beaks and feet and about coloration to help them be able to identify a goose from a duck whenever they see these birds.

The girls have loved this weeks challenge on birds.  We also have enjoyed making other entries in our books from our Magnolia tree from the backyard.

The girls also found this most interesting caterpillar.  Anyone want to help me identify it?  Audrie said it was cute. I told her that was not true. ;)

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Welcome to the Autumn Series of Challenges! I loved reading about your geese visitors and your journals are great! Thank you for sharing your study this week.

That is an interesting looking caterpillar but I have no idea what kind it is. :) I am not very good at identifying insects.

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