Friday, October 1, 2010

Cranberries Anyone?

For those of you who may not have purchased The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, now is the time.  They have this beautiful cranberry and cream Homeschooling With Heart Tote that you receive FREE when you purchase a 2 year subscription at the very low price of $19.95!  Now isn't that awesome?!  Look at how cute they are!

And they will match your decor through the upcoming holidays! Your subscription will begin with the Winter Issue.
  BUT ... 
they will send you the Fall Issue which comes in October!!!!  Plus, you will get a free E-Book called Cranberry Christmas.  Now that is a deal if ever I heard one.

And don't worry if you've already purchased a subscription, you can extend it (and be like me).  But don't wait, this deal will not last long.  You only have until midnight on October 2nd (that's tomorrow) for the promotion to go POOF! into the air.
But don't fear.  If you can't grab your deal in time, from Sunday - Wednesday they will be offering a similar package.  All the goodies, the Cranberry and Cream Tote, but only a one year subscription.
So go now.  Order your subscription and get the Cranberry and Cream Tote before they all disappear.

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