Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Week - Fit Mommy Friday

Okay - time to be honest. What am I doing? Not eating well, not exercising (regularly) and staying in a heightened state of stress. None of those things = weight loss.

So this week, I had 2 cakes and several deserts to make. First on Saturday was Arianna's birthday party - she turned 7 - and we did a flower and butterfly themed party. Then as soon as we got cleaned up from the party I was in a rush to start on deserts for a church function the next afternoon. I had decided to make 2 cakes (homemade icings and all) as well as brownies, chocolate covered (white and dark) strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels (hand-dipped with mint chocolate, white chocolate, and cinnamon chocolate.) Needless to say there were lots of sweets in the house and TEMPTATION filled the rooms.

I didn't even bother weighing this morning so I have no real idea of a loss or gain. But I have to do something. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

Oh and as for the 100 Day Challenge that was going well. I did manage to pull something in my calf so it's been hard to do the burpees, but I have been continuing with the punches and kicks. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get back to doing the burpees as a movement as opposed to a separated string of exercises.

Well I hope you're week was better then mine. Head on over to Got Chai? and link up with your fitness post for the week. I really need encouragement so if you have any I'd love to hear from you.


Samantha said...

I have worked out everyday. Most days more than one (and some days three) workouts. I have kept my eating clean, except the one allowed dessert, a mini raspberry blizzard. (I usually get chocolate everything!) I will be blogging about my week on my blog on Sunday. I have cakes to make tomorrow, and I may have a tiny speck at the party, I mean, I make awesome cake, why pass up just a taste?

~ Denise ~ said...

Jeepers, I don't know how anyone could survive amidst such outlandish (and totally delicious) temptations! I know I'd be a total "goner" for sure. ;)
I hope your calf's feeling better. Pulled muscles are no fun, but KUDOS TO YOU for sticking with your upper body exercises! ;) See there? You're more motivated than you thought! :) Looking forward to tomorrow's post...

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