Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 2 - Tot School (18m)

Since last week, I've been trying to be more assertive about doing activities for Tot School with Seanan, that would focus on skills he can.  At the end of last week, my middle daughter found a snail one morning (we have tons of these around and they keep forgetting to get in the grass before the heat of the day strikes) while saying bye to daddy.  So before I had her hid in a shady spot we took some time to look at it.  I even let Seanan hold it (which could have been a very dangerous situation, especially if he tried to eat it.)  He thought it was quite funny!

During school time this week I was planning on letting Seanan still explore the bottle caps in the can, but our small can had ran out of room.  Thankfully, in the nick of time, another can was empty so after some washing and drying he now has a big can and a little can.  Some of the bottle tops have letters (capitals) written on them and others do not - so each will now have it's own can home.  Here's some pictures of Seanan taking them out  of one can and placing them into another can.

At one point he gave up on the one at a time transfer method and thought it would be fun to just dump them from one can to another.  Then  he got the small can caught inside the big can.  He was trying his best to get it out.

When he's tired of this activity he usually begins throwing all the bottle caps onto the floor.  Then we either move on to another activity or take a break for play time, eating, or napping.

We also tried coloring with this 'toddler' crayon.  It wasn't long before the crayon became something to eat.  I still think he's too young for crayons, but I keep giving him new opportunities to use them.

On another day, I needed to do some one-on-one teaching with Arianna so I sent Audrie into Seanan's play area to help occupy him.  they started rolling the ball back and forth to one another.  Seanan would rather try and kick the ball, but he did get the hang of rolling with the back of his hands and aiming for in between Audrie's legs.  They had a ball!

Our last activity was quite unintended.  Somehow Seanan got a hold of the abacus.  When I looked he was passing the beads back and forth on it. Then he thought I was playing a game with him and began hiding from me.  It was too cute!

Well, that's a wrap for me.  I'm linking up to the Blog Roll over at Tot School so go on over there to hear what others are doing with their tots.

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